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RustyFrenchy 23rd July 2021 10:53

Customised a biker Opinel Nº8
Hey guys, I just finished to carve my Opinel Nº8 (famous French knives, has a great History if you don’t know it yet). I’ve also engraved the blade and chopped it to the right shape, hope you’ll enjoy it !

P.s: you can find me on Instagram @smdc_art for more details about it.
stocker des photos sur le net

cal43 23rd July 2021 11:18

did you change the wood ?

RustyFrenchy 23rd July 2021 11:25

No, that’s the original birch from Opinel !

cal43 23rd July 2021 12:03

great work

NLXL 23rd July 2021 16:04

Nice job! Is see you got some great carving tools for it. I think that birch is pretty hard.

I got two Nº9 's here. Carbone, you can make them razorsharp. One I used blueing on to see if it would rust less. Best to keep 'm with a thin layer of Ballistol. Is this an INOX one?

sportsterpaul 23rd July 2021 17:08

Very nicely done!

RustyFrenchy 23rd July 2021 18:14

Thanks, yes birch is hard AF especially if you let it dry … that’s a carbon blade, I apply some wd40 on it but if needed I just remove the blade and remove rust with a 3000 stone.

NLXL 23rd July 2021 20:45

A 3000 stone? I keep that in mind, thanks! I had some good results with aluminium polish. But for now I keep them preserved and away from oranges/apples/fruit ;-)

commando57 24th July 2021 16:40

Way cool!
Way cool! Way cool!

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