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mgentry66 24th July 2021 17:16

Front Top Motor Mount
I have all the correct parts to install the missing front top motor mount on an 83XLX. Problem is, and prob why the PO did not re-install them, the rocker box bolts that are used to mount the motor mount are too long to slide in behind the neck with the motor still installed in the frame.

Is it possible / would there be enough wiggle room if I loosened the front cylinder.

Also, If I did this would the base gasket leak?

Otherwise it would seem as though I need to remove the heads to install this bolt and then put the heads back on.

anyone have any experience with this?


ericfreeman 24th July 2021 20:32

Looks like you'll need to pull the front rocker box so you can slip those bolts into place before re-fitting the rocker box.

Ferrous Head 25th July 2021 00:12

Yeah, just the rocker box will do on the front head.

I wouldn't be too tempted to run without it. It is there for a reason.

mgentry66 25th July 2021 18:13

ok, thanks guys. definitely a lot of work for two bolts. What must be done must be done.

thanks again

Ferrous Head 25th July 2021 22:22

You should probably stop now.

If your thinking this is a lot of work on an engine you probably don't want an Ironhead. These are lovely old pieces of machinery but require maintenance. Most of us on here enjoy working on them and look for opportunities to "play" with them.

If you just want to ride them youu would be better off with an Evo.

Or, perhaps a SUzuYamaHonda. (Do NOT consider a Ducati)

mgentry66 25th July 2021 23:00

too late, rocker box removed. Now if I could get the damned paper gasket to free up from the mating surfaces. I do find it obsessively fun. I can'r seem to find enough time to satisfy my new obsession, wrenching on the IH. I was being a little more light hearted with my comment than you took me. It is a bit of work for two bolts, as some one else mention.

Ferrous Head 25th July 2021 23:16

Careful use of a box cutter and then some acetone to clean.

A small whetstone to finish off the surfaces.

IronMick 26th July 2021 00:36

It can be tedious...
1. Presoak with a spray can gasket remover.
2. Then use a hard backed razor blade, used carefully.
Repeat 1 & 2 a few to several times.

ChinCactus 26th July 2021 01:30

Yeah, some things seem to be more tedious that you would thing they should be.

Sounds like you got this. Nothing like the satisfaction of keeping an old school, hands on bike!

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