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hhugger 24th July 2021 23:10

i'm being the subject of censorship
[/CODE]Because I like H-D SPORTSTER S, and I have published some the important news about your presentation.
I don't master English and support me with a translator.

Anyway, my apologies, and I've already deleted all my possible post.

seajay 24th July 2021 23:41

Anybody can ignore anybody they want.

Hippysmack 24th July 2021 23:54

Must be something in the water.

I got censored at the Chinese food restaurant the other day.
Waiter asked if I needed anything, I asked for A1 steak sauce (just joking).
After the blank stare, they brought me chicken instead of beef. :laugh

xena 25th July 2021 00:40

How many threads do you need to make about the new bike? You created several that are more or less about the same thing. I’m glad you like the bike but maybe give it a rest with creating new threads about it. And complaining about a decision by mods or admins in a thread in the open forum will get you booted just so you know.

kitabel 25th July 2021 01:15

Worst: mute all of your posts.
You can see them, but no one else can.

IXL2Relax 25th July 2021 01:59

The IGNORE function is a personalized censor to avoid seeing posts by annoying posters. It has nothing to do with admins or moderators.

Most folks here try using a posting persona that helps avoid annoying others & being put on IGNORE.

Some Don't... :frownone

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hhugger 25th July 2021 02:31

I'm going to delete all my post on this SPORTSTER S.

Whitewalls 25th July 2021 02:44

That is hardly censorship.
Try posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google etc. mentioning that no person of reasonable intelligence honesty believes the Biden/Harris ticket got over 80 million legal votes when she made no campaign appearances and he hid in his basement.
You will quickly learn about censorship. Ask me how I know.

hhugger 25th July 2021 03:43


Originally Posted by hhugger (Post 5907085)
I'm going to delete all my post on this SPORTSTER S.

since I don't mean to cause trouble, delete all my possible post.
My apologies if I disturb someone with my post.

drgonzo21 25th July 2021 04:37

You didn't bother me man. It's the internet. Post on.

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