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Uberstorm 25th July 2021 01:36

HT leads for 79 ironhead ?
Im after chaning some very old ht leads for my ironhead, any one got an idea if i need 8mm or 10 mm ?, seen these and was wondering if they would do the job. AccuSpark Red 8mm High Performance Silicone HT Leads, on uk ebay. Ht leads i apologise are not really my forte at all, first time ever had to change any. Any help would be appreciated and if you havnt got the information to hand, thanks for looking :)

bustert 27th July 2021 18:37

pay no mind to the sizing, that is just how thick the jacket is. the ole points system ran copper core or stainless core. plug wires are like plugs and oil, a lot of hoopla!
if you got electronics, then a good compromise is spiral core wire which gives you a low resistance core for rf suppression and solid core for energy transfer. either or, practically any thing will do even a coat hangar, just watch out for the bite!

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