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greg_cycle 29th October 2006 11:09

Another oil mist problem & slobber stoppers
I just joined the forum yesterday. Looks like this forum has a wealth of good information.

I'm just breaking in my 1998 883/1200 conversion with Stage 1 mods (SE intake and Slip-ons), and noticed on my ride today (longest one so far circa 40 miles - lots of curvy road and hills) that I had oil coming out of the air cleaner assembly onto the side of the bike. When I got home and removed the air cleaner cover I could see oil mist being pumped out of the bike.

Thus a couple questions:

1.) Is it normal that one can see oil mist being pumped from the motor with the air cleaner can off when running the SE air cleaner assembly? I hope so since I don't want to do another rebuild.

2.) Has anyone tried the Slobber Stopper system to fix the oil mist problem, and if so did it work? I'd prefer to stop the problem at the source, versus installing a kit that routes external hoses under the bike for venting.

Thanks in advance for any help. The bike has 65 miles on the rebuild so far and had probably been through 5-7 heat cycles.


shotgun46 29th October 2006 11:58

Slobber Stopper system ?? what is this you speek of ?? do you have a link or more info !

cjburr 29th October 2006 12:11

Perhaps you had too much oil in the tank ??

and :welcome to the forum

merc 29th October 2006 12:52

welcome to the forum.
I have routed the oil mist to a hose that terminates below the bike so any collection of oil drops just disappear there.
What is slopper stopper system?

doxbike 29th October 2006 13:01


How much oil exits via the re-reouted vent hose? Enough to possibly make the rear tire slick?

Cjburr has it right I think. I keep the oil level just above the fill line and have no detectable oil mist

merc 29th October 2006 13:07

no way--it has to be so minor that it nearly does not exist.
Many do it this way.

merc 29th October 2006 13:11

hey-I googled slobber stoppers
here they are:

milmat1 29th October 2006 13:12

I had the same basic question when i joined a few months ago. That is; how are you stopping it ? And the general answer here is there not ! Just let the crankcase pressures push it out on the ground with a hose.
Also many of the guy's here have found that it's better to leave the oil level just slightly below full!!
Myself I have had no problems with my 06.
For whatever reason : Almost every post that deals with the Oil blowby is running an SE air Cleaner !!
We have argued this back and forth here, Whether to leave it connected to some vacuum source or vent it to the ground, Or catch it in a catch can. But the main result is most of the people live with it one way or another. And by far the most effective way is to lower the oil level in your tank by a small amount.
On your newly built engine, You will likely have some extra Blowby until everything gets seated and sealed, So I wouldn't make a call until you get a few miles on it unless it's really exessive !!

Like I said I have had no problem so far, But for some reason I have trouble excepting the old "Sporty's do That"" Answer.

H@mbone! 30th October 2006 16:39

Welcome to the XL Forum!!

Gone 30th October 2006 19:32

check this link it will explain the oil mist problem and how to deal with it.

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