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wakeup 16th April 2007 15:38

Do people notice your bike?
I was riding with a couple of friends saturday and at our first stop someone came up and asked about my bike. My friends commented that they don't get that very often. It seems pretty regular to me. Anyway, I was wondering how often people stop and talk to you about your bike.

s0uthernrebel78 16th April 2007 15:53

most people wanna know "what color is the paint? its not a common color" thats becasue it was only used 1 year for the 100th annversary

Shark Doctor 16th April 2007 15:54

Custom paint first draws folks in, then general sound and overall appearance once they get past the shark art!!!

It always draws interested onlookers.

Hot Rod Sporty 16th April 2007 15:57

Especially when it's clean! I went for a ride yesterday, and every time I STOPPED, someone would do a walk around. I stopped to pee at a store, came out and was having a cigarette in the shade, and 4 separate times in 10 minutes, people came out, did a walk around and then stood there looking at it.

Gone 16th April 2007 16:12

Purple is an eye catching color, the chrome draws em in for a look see.
she always gets compliments from the Ladies and the kids.
it has even stopped old guys cold in thier tracks.
I love my sporty.

Jimbo999 16th April 2007 16:13

I voted "Who Cares" but I actually get a kick of people who ask about
my ride....All untrained eyes, prob' non-riders.
Questions like, "New Bike. Huh?" or "Nice Harley". I laugh as I tell them,
" It's 19 years old and still runs Great !"

whispanic 16th April 2007 16:15

I usually hear something on every distance ride I take.
I ride daily and I usually get some feedback every other time or so.

I also want to vote #5 cause I really dont care, but it is nice to see people still appreciate good ol American Iron.

Rob Henderson 16th April 2007 16:21

People do notice my bike.....not only by its looks, since it doesn't look much like a sporty anymore but because I have set off their poser car alarm.....As if any one GAF about the alarm...Everyone ignores them anyway..........

cuban_sporty_rider 16th April 2007 16:27

i set off car alarms pretty bad. most of my compliments are on the exhaust sound. i took it to the local stealer to get some crap and one of the salesmen were out there taking a peek. he was telling me all the stuff i can buy for it and how good thier mechs were in the back and so on. i started it up and he almost shit. i told him it was good, but i do my own work.

rider29206 16th April 2007 16:43

While I don't care I get plenty of interest in the bike. A few times on rides with my buds a cocktail or lady at a bar would make an inquiry as to what everyone had. I typically would keep my mouth shut and everyone would describe their twin cam. Invariably someone would tell em I had a Sportster. I would then tell em to go outside and look at the bikes and come back in and tell us which one they liked the most. The sportster has come in second only once and first the rest of the time. Second because of the tour pak on a Road Glide which the cocktail said she would be more comfortable in. LOL

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