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sprink 27th August 2018 00:53

Thinking of a fall SE Ohio ride
I am planning a ride to SE Ohio late September or early October. Cannot go the last weekend of September.

Who might be interested?

pdavis5160 27th August 2018 01:01

I'd be interested, but I have plans for the 3rd weekend in September. The 2nd weekend in October would work better for me. (Just throwing it out there...)

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BKB 27th August 2018 01:53

Got a ride/camping trip planned for the 3rd week of Sept. May or may not happen, tho. Definitely interested. Keep us posted. Depending on date &/or circumstances, our spare room would be available, if you want. We're about 2 hours from the routes you show, in Prospect.

Crusty 27th August 2018 11:57

I'm probably going to miss this one. I'm heading out around the 15th of September for western Colorado to celebrate my birthday, then up to the Idaho panhandle to visit a friend. I'll probably be back sometime in mid October. Have fun and take pictures!

sportsterpaul 27th August 2018 15:15

Might work for me Greg, we’ll see what I have left in the tank when I roll back into Michigan. Would ride anywhere with you!

ParrotHead 27th August 2018 15:53

I am planning a trip headed west Sept 29 - Oct 6. I need to be in the Nashville area on Thurs Oct 4 as I am participating in a rally that starts there on the 5th.

hbsporty 27th August 2018 17:55

Would love to. Just have to see what is cooking when date is decided.

XL Ed 27th August 2018 20:09

I'm out for all of September but I could be available in Oct with a bit of notice.

mikeLI_77 27th August 2018 20:51


Crusty 27th August 2018 21:41

I just realized that if you're in Southeast Ohio, you could jump across the River and hit Hillbilly Hot Dogs for lunch.

Just sayin'.

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