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Loony 27th November 2011 19:13

Before and After pictures/Videos of your bike (All Welcome)
I did search around to see if there was a Large general before and after bike pics thread, I couldn't find one and I didn't want to high-jack anyone elses thread, so..

If you know of one please post here and I will delete this one.

We all love our bikes and making them individual to us probably takes up
most of the spare time we get.

So whether you have a Bob, Chop, Cafe, brat, Unclassified or any other style sportster of any age and size, lets see what you have done :clap

Feel free to add any info if you have time... Enjoy :banana

Loony 27th November 2011 19:20

Heres mine



lostNdallas 28th November 2011 07:56

I'll play.

Brand new in Aug 2010.

Current as of two weeks ago.

More or less in order:
upper and lower belt guard delete
front fender delete
fork reflector delete
front signal relocate
fork bag add
wire tuck
windshield mount add
Black Isogrip with throttle commander add
drag bar add
coil/key relocate
Licks bag add
Custom front pegs, HD diamond black pillion and shifter pegs add
open drive gear guard add
chrome derby and points cover add
3.2 gal tank add
Heavy Breather add
HD spoiler add
Vied add
Side Shots add
BCT baffles add
custom lollipops add
Power Vision add/Vied delete
Fat Bob headlight add
Lepara Bare Bones add

Coming soon: Ricor shocks and Intiminators

Under consideration: Lepara Cherokee seat or maybe Mustang

il67bp 28th November 2011 08:59



kopkar19 28th November 2011 09:06

Started as this.....

.... I am now to here and still working on her.

Custom050 28th November 2011 11:21


Bob F 28th November 2011 15:44



In touring dress:

Rico 05R 28th November 2011 15:57



chief 28th November 2011 16:32

my stuff
allright, sit back i'll play along to!

my evo how i bought it:

one version:

and then:

as it was until one month ago:

and as it sits now:

it's getting a new look again.. dual front heads, GSXR front end and swing arm, and the rest will get clear during the build..

my Ironhead:
as i bought it:

shortly after:

and after some serious work:

Counter Steer 28th November 2011 16:51

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