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JJs1200c 3rd March 2016 18:01

Moving to Huntsville
Hey I will be moving to Huntsville and I am trying to figure out the area. SO far we have only been down to look around for a total of 3 days. We liked the NE and SE areas. We have been reading the local news and looking at reports about some of the problems in the local schools and that does have us concerned. I have a bass boat and want to be somewhere I can keep my boat at home so I was already told not to look at the Cove area as that wouldn't be possible. I need internet for my kids with school and just in general it is becoming more and more of a need with a lot of things anymore. Any help you all could give me I would greatly appreciate.

We are moving from Fredericksburg VA where we have a little over 3 acres now and have to commute through Northern Va/DC traffic now so traveling a little isn't a big deal when you take out this awful traffic.


83XLX 3rd March 2016 18:20

Don't worry about the school news. That stuff is few and far between. As long as you don't move to a neighborhood with its own rules, you can keep a boat at your house. Monte Sano mountain is a really nice place to live, in great school districts, state park adjacent to the neighborhood, with some good riding roads nearby (and on the mountain itself)...

JJs1200c 3rd March 2016 18:32

Thanks 83XLX I appreciate the info. Is internet provided in most places there?

83XLX 3rd March 2016 18:50

Yes, and we have electricity, too...ha ha

View from an overlook at the state park, Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee in the distance.

JJs1200c 3rd March 2016 18:55

:) that's funny! Thanks I appreciate the help. That is in the area we liked.

Keep it running 4th March 2016 01:13

There are actually a lot of good areas here. I understand the schools on the whole county are some of the better ones on Alabama (no kids so just what I hear). If a little commute is not a problem the world is your oyster! And, if you go north a few miles there is pretty good riding without a lot of traffic.
Good luck!

JJs1200c 4th March 2016 17:58

Thanks keep it running,I appreciate it!

Bob F 4th March 2016 21:24

Just watch out for the mosquitoes.

If they bite you your head will shrink and you'll have to buy a new helmet.

4strokes 4th March 2016 21:39

Since you have a bass boat you will be in HOG heaven around here. Lot's of great bass lakes around here. Lake Guntersville is only a few miles from my house & it harbors some real pigs in it. I fish a lot. It only takes me something like 35-40 minutes to drive from my place in Guntersville to the top of Monsanto in Huntsville. And ... from Huntsville to Pickwick lake is not that far either ... water is everywhere around here.

JJs1200c 4th March 2016 21:51

Thanks 4strokes that's what I hear. I can't wait to fish down there. Bob F I will keep my out for those mosquitos! :)

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