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TPEHAK 8th August 2021 02:54

2009 Buell XB12 engine top end CAD model
I have reverse engineered the 2009 Buell XB12 engine top end. Here is the CAD model

This is precisely and completely reverse engineered top end of 2009 Buell XB12 engine with ALL internal components. The models were built using a 3D scanner and metrology tools. Mating surfaces tolerances are +/- 0.01mm. Non mating surfaces tolerances are +/- 0.15 mm.

This model can serve mechanical engineering needs like designing engine modifications, CNC porting of the intake and the exhaust, laying up turbo setup, designing custom parts, cylinders boring, squish band checking, using for parts fitment sizes reference, etc. This CAD model assembly file has correct components part numbers in the components names and can be used as reference for looking for parts for the engine service.

You also can use the interactive 3D model of the Buell XB engine on the GrabCAD to find the part number of the component you need just simply clicking on it in the 3D view in you web-browser. No need to use the parts catalog anymore!

aswracing 8th August 2021 03:04

Very cool!

Tel me about that scanner. Brand/model?

TPEHAK 8th August 2021 03:23

The scanner is Next Engine 3D scanner.

I do not recommend this scanner for precise reverse engineering work and for big parts, it is extremely slow and painful to scan with it and to process the 3D scans with this scanner, it requires a lot of preparation work prior to scanning and special processing technique to have acceptable result. And the result is not very accurate, especially for big parts. I use it just for reference to see the geometry while creating the CAD model, I did the most work measuring the parts manually with different measuring tools.

I have access only to this 3D scanner so I had no choice, it is better than nothing for some parts. Decent, fast and easy to use 3D scanner is very expensive tool. I would love to have better scanner.

Hippysmack 8th August 2021 06:18

I don't know what to say but DAMN THAT'S BADASS!!!!!!!!

I'm humbled.. And you've been busy.

Hippysmack 8th August 2021 08:02


Originally Posted by aswracing (Post 5909731)
Very cool!

Tel me about that scanner. Brand/model?

What's that I smell.... Is that case batter cooking on an open fire? :D
It'd be cool if you guys could do something with this technology.
It's way over my head but there is a lot of potential there for obsolete parts?

rejeanprimeau 8th August 2021 13:53

3D printing bad a.. heads ???

kitabel 8th August 2021 14:08

CNC is the Xerox of head porting: it doesn't begin with a scan of a stock head, but of a successfully manually ported head.
CNC does not design or improve anything, merely duplicates an existing contour.

Randy_rots 8th August 2021 14:11

Wow! Great work! I'm speechless...

Hippysmack 8th August 2021 17:32

Well it's was said before that somebody prints aluminum.
I guess it depends on having the right equipment.
I see those drawings the op made and all the potential I could do with that information.
All it takes is a will and way.
Accurate jigs for machining the op has already accomplished.
The list could be endless.

shanneba 8th August 2021 18:36

Here is an example of a 3D printed intake manifold for the Delta Wing race car.

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