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rocketnorton 31st July 2021 18:27

drum f wheel/bearing ?
70 xlch
right side bearing just drops in
sloppy enough ya can see & feel it movin in hole
prolly couple thou

any thoughts/ideas?

concerned bearing movin around in there will just wear the hole more


Fivecats 31st July 2021 19:01

Get some shim stock. Cut to a size that will allow you to press the bearing in with reasonable pressure.

If its not that loose use a punch and dimple the surface {raising it} enough to fit the bearing, with reasonable installation pressure.

rocketnorton 31st July 2021 19:11

one idea i had, too, was shimmin it
some cheapo feeler gauges might be in order

Gold Member 1st August 2021 16:09

There's an industrial supply hardware store near me that has that hobby display of metal sheets K&S I think it is.

Dimpling the inside of the drum is commonly done too.

Look into Loctite 680. It is a gap filling liquid/glue stuff that is specifically for this kind of application. I used it on my loose-ish neck cups. I haven't ridden it yet but the specs for Loctite 680 looks like it will work fine. Thousands of pounds of compressive strength. It has a long working time. You could put the bearing in, install the whole shebang back in the fork, and it will set up properly aligned.

rocketnorton 1st August 2021 16:58

ill look at that stuff

JonesL 3rd August 2021 17:54

Another thing to check is if the bearing bore in the drum is round or egg-shaped, or if it's a larger diameter at the outside than at the deepest point. If it's wallowed out, you might need to consider boring and sleeving it.

rocketnorton 5th August 2021 05:33

havent got to measuring it yet
hopin that is not the case tho

JonesL 6th August 2021 03:47

I'll keep my fingers crossed too.
If it is, now's the time to correct it. Locktite is a good fix but often temporary.
If there's any movement, it's not gonna heal itself.

rocketnorton 6th August 2021 17:37

have 2 others, so havent been on it since posting
waitin fer cool day to looksee
dont wanna f up a hard to find part

JonesL 7th August 2021 04:15

Smart. I've got Sportster drums front and rear on mine and ended up going out of town for the last of what I needed.

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