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HoldFast48 5th March 2012 16:30

Led Sled Springer group order.
Joe over at Led Sled is setting up the jig to knock out at least two wide springers for rubber mount frames. now is the time to get your order in! I told him I'd let the forum guys know now is the time to order and he said bring em!
Tell em Justin sent you!

As a side note I ordered mine at stock ride height. I thought about dropping an inch and matching Licks 10" shocks in the rear but I'm gonna run into clearance issues with my chain and my fender mod if I do....
So I'm keeping it at 21" from bottom of neck tube to axle center. I've given this a lot of thought so anyone considering the same I recommend 21" not 20"
Hell the bike is low enough already! And if you want u can still drop the rear but the last thing you want is the front lower than the rear combined with a springer!

YOURADHERE 5th March 2012 17:40

The responsible side of me is telling me to walk away for now but damn I really want one of their springers.

Mind if I ask how much you were quoted?

XLFREAK 5th March 2012 18:00

I'd be in for one depending on the price.

YOURADHERE 5th March 2012 18:13

Also what about your brake for this setup? Will you still be able to use the stock caliper/rotor? I believe that was one of the issues you had on the Zero springer you had.

rpoz20 5th March 2012 18:47

Agreed. Depends on price.

Sportster Spence 5th March 2012 18:48

I'm interested too, depending on a couple of things.

Biggest problem for me is location, being in the UK I need to know with a degree of certainty that it's going to fit etc.

So what about the brake set up, wheel spacers, risers etc? Are Led Sled creating a 'kit' for you? Just curious to know how much fabrication I might have to do if I go for it.

Exciting news though! :tour

HoldFast48 5th March 2012 23:03

First off the price: I only put down half. I forget the exact price, but it think it's $1,175 or something.

Second - the brake set up: I'm just gonna use the Jay Brake set up they advise. I spent a good chunk of time shopping different options today and decided I didn't have a problem with Jay brake and it's a right side set up, so i guess that's kinda cool.
The bracket and four piston caliper is $378 total in polish. Chrome or Black Ano is total $441. Of course you can mix and match bracket / caliper finishes.

If you pick a different brake kit be sure to tell them because other wise they will likely build the springer for a right side brake but most kit's ( as I'm sure you all know) are for the left.

Let's see.... what else?
You get the 3/4" axle. They can supply the brake kit for the extra money or just order it yourself. I don't know if you save if you order with LS, but I do know LS only offers the polish finish.
You'll need a head lamp bracket. LS makes one... so does everyone else. You are on your own as far as axle spacers go. You will need a 3/4" bearing kit from HD. You'll have to change up your brake line hose (duh). Definitely can reuse your rotor.
Not sure if you get a torsion bolt for the caliper bracket???

Joe has said repeatedly that this will slide ride on with absolutely no problems.
It comes with top and bottom neck stem spacers and a top clamp. It does not come with risers (Zero kit did).

I'm not worried about the Springer fitting... Performance is another issue but I won't know till I'll try!!!! I'm just trying to figure out what mini speedo to use, where, and same for indicator lamps? I guess I'll hang some super mini bullets off the handle bars? I think Deville has a mini speedo that would hang off the rear jug on the left side. I'm also gonna look into Dakota. It's not like the Joker kit is gonna work any more!

The Zero kit was $2,500 (it did come with a caliper and bracket). I'm well below that mark so I'm cool with it.
I ordered last week and Joe said it should be done in 3 weeks when I talked to him today - They didn't touch the order last week.
That's all I got for now - but lastly on the price??? Who knows if they would drop it if they got a "forum group order". If a bunch of guys do decide to order I might just ask to get a good discount on the brake set up cause I know their making money on that end of the deal so I suspect that's where there would be some wiggle room.

Anyone else have a negotiating tactic worth mentioning?

Sticky4 26th March 2012 10:53

I am interested. What are you don't for bars. I am worried about the ride though, and I would like to go for a shorter height.

Any updates?

HoldFast48 1st April 2012 16:53


Originally Posted by Sticky4 (Post 3865351)
I am interested. What are you don't for bars. I am worried about the ride though, and I would like to go for a shorter height.

Any updates?

Haven't heard from LS since I put the deposit down other than a few times I called them to ask questions about set up.
I've got a Jay Brake bracket and caliper waiting on the self.
Probably gonna use biltwell slimline risers and my stock bars OR I'm thinking about Biltwell low or high drag bars without risers....
Not sure what kinda height I'm gonna need.
The speedo is actually the snag.
The speedo I want is like $500 - it's a mini
I'm saving for it now but have a few other things going on - like moving expenses.
As excited as I am to put it all together I like to wait till I have all my parts compiled especially with spring coming.
I plan on calling LS on Monday to see what the deal is, they said 3-4 weeks. I know it's been at least three maybe four now.
Oh yeah you can order em any height you want. They like to build em low. I had to convince Joe to keep it 21"

YOURADHERE 2nd April 2012 17:57

That speedo is crazy tiny.

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