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strokerjlk 28th May 2014 12:22

Great thread . Full of real world highs and lows .
Quite a list of accomplishments . Congrats to all involved .

bustert 10th January 2016 19:46

while admirable, it seems that in 35 years it would be faster.
warner reilly in 1971 ran 206.554 mph on a 96" sportster on nitro and 190 something on gas. stroked out engine was only turning around 5400 rpm. on one of his runs, a 1/4" nut came loose and passed through the engine and out the exhaust without damage. what amazes me, he got back on the track at 54 yrs of age.

firemanjim 11th January 2016 19:17

Hey, if it was easy anyone could do it. I was part of this effort and have been running at the Salt and elsewhere ever since. It takes an incredible amount of work, a great rider, and lots of luck as conditions are ever changing . Any run over 200 is an achievement and especially for a pushrod motor.
I know as I raced a Buell there for years as well before going over to the darkside. Now I run turboed Suzukis and am a member of 8 different 200 MPH clubs.

bustert 11th January 2016 21:29

not diss'ng anyone just surprised it wasn't faster. gee-whizz seems like technology would be more advanced. after all, his support was mainly reilly hd shop and he was the builder.

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