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Roadster_Rider 6th September 2006 06:26

Or you could just go with a lighter rider...

maybe, hmm who would do it...

I'll make the sacrafice, I VOLUNTEER :D

No, really, let me ride your 217.9 MPH Buell :D

stevo 6th September 2006 06:37

Top effort guys....

Good teamwork to get a number like that..

and VERY good work Aaron for tunin it..... nitro is a damn sight harder than most people could comprehend..

aswracing 6th September 2006 13:03

Thanks everyone!

Yes, it's been a LOT of hard work, and nitro is some weird stuff. I had one difficult learning curve but I managed to get through it, or hopefully much of it, without hurting the motor. Torched about a dozen spark plugs is all! The stuff tells you when you're going the wrong way.

Yesterday we ran 212 on the qualifying pass and 213 on the backup. Conditions were not as good. Such is Bonneville.

The 'busa boys raised the stakes to 236 at the same time. They had been having handling problems, sounds like they're getting their arms around them.

Not sure what we'll do today, now that we have the record in the books. We could put the bike on gasoline and go for that, or we could raise the nitro percentage and see how fast this thing will go (putting coinsiderably more risk on the motor). Or, we have another race bike sitting here ready to go, a Buell S1 on nitrous with over 170hp on tap. This bike already holds a couple records in the 167mph range that were done on gasoline with no nitrous, and I've never run it on the nitrous, but the math says it should be good for 180 or so. Decisions, decisions. We need to take a closer look at the orange bike to see what shape it's in, if it's hurt at all that will make the decision for us.

There was also some high drama yesterday in the shootout for the World's Fastest Motorcycle. Ack Attack had set the record the day prior at 342. Chris Carr (the flat tracker) riding Denis Manning's streamliner (Denis is "Bub" of pipe making fame, Bub is his nickname and an acronym for "Big Ugly Bastard") qualified at an astounding 354mph, and backed it up for a 350 average. Impressive stuff.

Lots of famous folks here. Jerry Branch has spent a bunch of time in our pit, wow what an interesting guy. I hope I'm in half the shape he's in when I'm 84! Really doubt I'll even make it that far though. Matt Hotch has one hell of an impressive tow rig, let me tell you. Many, many others.
The former champion on display
Tim, Dan, and the S2
One of the biker build-off bikes, it has a 2 stroke rotary valve motor
Matt Hotch's pit cart. He's also been putting around on his build-off custom. It's a Vincent.
Now that's vanity.
The world's fastest motorcycle. This was after the record runs, but these guys were not celebrating. They were hard at work getting ready to defend. I guess they blistered a tire, they had a spare but not the machine needed to mount it, so someone took it to SLC.

aswracing 6th September 2006 13:05
Bub's motor. They cast the block themselves, made the heads, everything. The number I heard is they have 8 million in this streamliner.
A considerably less expensive bike.

Erik Buell gave Timbo a congratulatory call today, which I thought was a pretty classy thing to do. I hear his speed got announced over the PA at Buell, too.

aswracing 6th September 2006 13:20
Bonneville is so beautiful it's hard to describe.
The Ack Attack streamliner. Sorry I don't have a better pic, I just haven't been in the right place at the right time.
A beautiful ironhead.
Our pit.
I love this bike! They're here every year.
The dual engine Vincent streamlliner. You see it all at Bonneville!
A really nice XR1000. This guy owns RR1000 #2 as well (I own #50).
Sportsters everywhere!
Our backup bike. It's done 167 on gasoline and holds a couple records. Now it has nitrous.
This S2 belongs to my good friend Fireman Jim Higgins. Turbo and nitrous on a 1250. Unfortunately it broke a piston on his first pass. That's a LOT of heat.
Terry Parsley's racing Blast
Our good friends Bennett's Performance (Long Beach CA), sporting a new tail section for this year. They've gone 191, on gasoline. It's a fast bike and they are very good tuners.
I love the gas tank they made for it ;)
A very nice bike
And another!

bplinson 6th September 2006 13:55

Love the photos!! Congrates on the awsome run!!

Hey is the XLFORUM.NET I see on the side of the orange bike!! AWESOME!!!

doc 6th September 2006 14:23

Thanks for the photos Aaron!!! And good job to you guys!!! Ya'll really know your stuff!! Keep up the good work and go get that record!!!

gwcrim 6th September 2006 14:38

Great job Team Elves!!! I'm so envious of Timbo. I'd give my left nut to ride one of your bikes. Sure do miss it all.

Do you know how fast that XR1000 went?

Was that Boyd Coddington looking over the Ack streamliner?

Thanks for the great pics.

GOTWA 6th September 2006 14:52

Great stuff Aaron. You guys are doing an awesome job!

Hanoverfiste 6th September 2006 15:23

Great job guys..
Did they have any vintage stuff on display there?

like this

Hard to imagine something that looks so low tech like this doing 200 mph...
and with all the technology that goes into todays rides... all the trial and error.. you folks must have alot of patience!!man what the wind must feel like at 200+ mph

Congrats guys.

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