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kevinhd1200 4th September 2010 16:33

1986-2003 Customs-Your Photos!
just to get the wheels turning, here is my 1998 XL 1200 Custom. Lets see yours.

Gone 4th September 2010 17:03

I like Chrome too, I call it a Custom Custom :laugh

kevinhd1200 4th September 2010 17:06


Yahoo! I got a reply with this thread. Nice bike too! Thanx for replyin'.

Rittmeister 4th September 2010 17:45

That's one helluva nice shade of blue, it a custom paintjob?...and, were the pics taken in a studio? (they look very professional).

kevinhd1200 4th September 2010 17:57


The paint is "House of Kolor" metallic cobalt blue. and the striping and the "Harley Davidson" on the tank is silverleafed. The photos are of my actual bike, and I shot them at the photo studio I used to own. The bike now has a front 40 spoke "smoothie" rim off of a 2007 Soft tail standard, a new point cover that matches the derby cover, and a lay back tail light lens. other than that the bike still looks the same. I bought the bike four years ago, and it was a wreck. I wish I could list everything that had to be done just to get it running, let alone road worthy, but I don't have enough room. I will say it's all been worth it. Even working out all of the bugs was fun. I now ride this everyday and have taken it on 400+ mile road trips with no problems. However, When I first got it, it left me stranded a few times in the middle of no where.

scotthotrod 4th September 2010 18:14

Well here u go there not mine but one is my Bros 03 1200c the black one and other is the guy I work with that kepts at my house. 2000 1200

kevinhd1200 4th September 2010 18:19


Those are some sweet customs. thanx for the reply.

einheit 13 4th September 2010 18:46

My 98, a working project...

kevinhd1200 4th September 2010 18:56

einheit 13,

Cool 1998 XL. I like the chopped rear fender, and the sidemount license plate. I also like the fact your not runnin' your front fender. Also, the black air cleaner, point cover, derby cover, and exhaust tips are cool. Can't wait to see it when your finished.

kevinhd1200 4th September 2010 20:11

No one else wants to post any photos?

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