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GlockDoc 7th July 2016 06:08

Mid or forward controls.
What do you prefer and why?

45Brit 7th July 2016 06:38

Mids, better control and at 5'8" I don't need the extra legroom

jzink0883 7th July 2016 07:31

Forwards. I'm 5'9" with a 30" inseam. Had mids on my '98 XLH. Assumed that I would want to switch to mids on my '15 CP. 14 months and 6K miles later, I still like the forwards. With mini-apes, the forwards fit me and the way I ride very well.

jharback 7th July 2016 07:33

I have four inch extended forward controls because my knee's are shot after 26 years in the Military.

NCWSporty 7th July 2016 07:46

Oh this is like an oil thread. :D

It can depend on your height, or maybe aggressiveness, or maybe the look you are after. Among other reasons...
Forwards didn't work for me, as it was uncomfortable in the corners for me to be aggressive. Bumps jarring up my spine and dragging my boots (along with my exhaust). My sporting background just did not get along.
I am glad the forwards are gone.
So I now have mids, but also I have highway pegs as it is nice to stretch out.
Having both work well on longer days.

Folkie 7th July 2016 09:06

Forward controls for me.

oO VEGGIE Oo 7th July 2016 12:27

Mids, at 5'3" I like not feeling stretched out and the ability to stand for certain bumps I would think is easier on mids.

oreocat1 7th July 2016 13:18

Forwards because of my right knee.
Funny thing is the slight rear sets on my FZ-07 are also ok on the knee, I guess the Sporty mids are just in a non sweet spot my old man's knee.

ed_in_az 7th July 2016 17:06

Forwards are my only option due to sciatic nerve issues. Mid controls were a literal pain for me.

Dave.N 7th July 2016 20:00

I have forwards but prefer the mids my bike came with, trouble with the mids is when the wife is on the back she can't get her legs and feet comfortable because my heels are in the way so I reluctantly fitted forwards. :(
The things we do for a quiet life.

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