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br0qn 16th July 2021 19:38

Never imagined I'd own a Harley
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...but a few years ago, while looking for a bike to buy, I found myself constantly looking at photos of 60's sportster photos and appreciating their lines. I ended up getting a '64 triumph (had one in the past) which I rode for only a couple of months before an idiot ran a red light making a left turn and hit me head on snapping the frame and sending me rag dolled in the air. I was fortunate but ended up swearing off motorcycles while living in LA because the people all drive like lunatics.

That was a year and a half ago and I've since been spending a lot of time in San Francisco working and longing again for 2wheels. A google image search for 60's xlch's turned up an ad in Holt, Missouri for this bike and I spent several weeks hoping it would sell out from under me and it didn't so I spent several more weeks shooting the shit with the owner over the phone and yesterday I sent the man his money and the bike will be headed my way soon.

Apparently the bike belonged to the PO's (guy I bought it from) friend and he tried to buy it several times as it sat sad for 30 odd years until finally they agreed on a price. The bike changed hands and the new owner had another friend who had an old set of original paint birch white tins that came off his 1970 (I think) the same year he bought it new. Those were fitted and he had the whole top end done with fresh stock bore new pistons rings valves etc and a new carb though I'm not yet sure which.

Head and tail light need to be wired, front break needs a cable, and the clutch drags he says likely due to sitting for so long and maybe rust. I'll have to get these things sorted and then start breaking in the new top end. Any advice on the above or links to how-to's or books I ought to own would be appreciated.

As I was waiting for the bike to get sold out from under me I was of course set on having it so I found some '68 buck horn bars and an original two-tone seat on craigslist which I picked up and now I'm looking for an original exhaust and debating whether or not the tank deserves decals.

PO sent several videos of him riding it and I'll probably watch those every day until it arrives, can't wait.

Fivecats 16th July 2021 20:26

Congrats on the bike :cheers

This site has a lot of info with "links" here & there.

Get a service manual for the year of the bike...

IXL2Relax 16th July 2021 22:41
This is THE BEST Sportster Resource!

Take a minute and please put at least your state/country in the LOCATION FIELD of your profile so we can better help you when you need it - Your climate, temps & altitude can make a difference to suggested fixes... (the STATE FIELD does not show on posts so you need to use the LOCATION FIELD)...

CLICK HERE - then scroll down to 'Additional Information' and look for the field labeled 'LOCATION' - put your information in there - It will then show on each post you make... Look for this:

Thanks for posting some pictures... Nice...

There are various sections to the XLForum - You can pick a section that is related to your problem/info, open that section and read the sticky threads on the first page - Then post your comment in an existing thread or create a new one to get information for your specific question... For new threads, make the title specific to your problem or info...

THIS IS THE IRONHEAD SECTION where you will get the most activity for any questions related to Ironhead models:

This is the index of sections:
Be sure to read some/many of the FAQ/HowTo threads (including how-to post pictures) here:

The Sportsterpedia has a lot of technical info to review:

Once you look around and see the value of this place, consider becoming a paying member:

IXL _______ >>>> My Motorcycle Chronicles Are Here <<<<

sportsterpaul 17th July 2021 07:13

Welcome to the forum family from a swamp in Michigan.

iNSaNeSHaNe 17th July 2021 07:49

Welcome aboard.
Your gonna love this place, cause were nuts ...

juzyHD 17th July 2021 07:55

Welcome from Slovenia!

shanneba 17th July 2021 09:51

Welcome to the forums from Indiana!

NLXL 17th July 2021 10:19

Now thát's a Sportster! (...instead of seeing that Sportster S crap too many times this week...). Thanks for the nice intro and welcome to the forum from the Netherlands.

Stairman 17th July 2021 10:58

Folkie 17th July 2021 12:28

Welcome to the Forum from the UK!

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