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hawk mechanic 1st August 2008 02:38

compensating sprocket removal
To keep it short and sweet, I got the nut off of both sprockets. I thought that would be the worst part of it, but I guess that I was wrong. The clutch basket wants to slide right off, but not the compensating sprocket:cloudmad
I am about to make some sort of a slide hammer and pull the thing off. My plan is to put two holes into a piece of steel for the holes in the sprocket holes. In the center, I am going to drill a hole, and use my home made slide hammer to try to pull it off. Somebody please tell me if that sounds like a horrible idea. I will see if it all works tomorrow.


Fe Head 1st August 2008 11:30

You could also use a 3 1/2 - 4 inch X 1/2" bolt having fine threads for most of its length and use the nut on the inside of your steel cross piece to gently pull the sprocket off the crankshaft.

Both ways work one is just slower and easier on the main bearing.


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