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Steve9 26th January 2021 18:48

Not a sickness

AN OBSESSION! sounds better

84rzv500r 29th January 2021 13:54


Originally Posted by Steve9 (Post 5873999)
Not a sickness

AN OBSESSION! sounds better


I cant wait to get home as the parts are stacking up... Ive been working in Gainesville during the week for the last few weeks...

Steve9 29th January 2021 14:09

Damn. That's a haul for you

Pass me about half-way down-mile marker 100

Southern Blvd

84rzv500r 29th January 2021 14:30

yeah and it cuts into my drinking time :D

Steve9 29th January 2021 18:42


But living in the keys means...............

84rzv500r 3rd February 2021 23:01

Im not slackin on this project Im just running about 20 projects in parallel and working too...

ChinCactus 4th February 2021 01:58

These things take time! :)

84rzv500r 5th February 2021 03:00

slow day...
i did organize my stainless clips and titanium rotor buttons... :laugh

And... I found a supplier that had stainless allen head cap bolts up to 8" in stock.. trying to do everything in ARP stainless or 316 stainless... i have to settle for some not critical fasteners in 304 stainless :D

84rzv500r 8th February 2021 01:21

front fender...
i took a few min this morning and whipped a quick polish on my XR1000-RX front fender...

ChinCactus 8th February 2021 03:00

Wow! Looks great.

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