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84rzv500r 31st October 2020 03:21

XR1000 Sport conversion to XR1000R Street Tracker
My XR1000(S) pictured above was spanked by hurricane IRMA in September of 2017... finally getting around to putting it back on the road... as you see above I had switched to meaty rubber/spoked wheels and 1999 XL1200S shocks and forks... and all was good then the cat 4/5 hit with a 10 foot tall wall of salt water... but since it is no longer a pristeen collectors Item I decided to enter the next phase... I have 2010-2014 XL1200 performance suspension option front ends and shocks... one set used off a 2010 and one new from XL1200X parts and BRAND new set Im gonna run the XR1200 calipers front and rear on 11.5" full floating disks... XR750 steel tank (Steve wants like 1300 for an aluminum one). stock XR1000 seat, and aluminum tsunami bobber fender. I picked up a pair of new XR1000 front rims and will run 100/90-19 Dunlop K180 front (for now but prolly switch to a 130 and a 140/80-19 K180 Rear. Chain tensioner to accommodate the swing arm angle change with 14 inch shocks.. drop a tooth or 2 on the countershaft sprocket :tour:D

dont worry all the very nice original parts are bagged tagged and corrosion proofed and stored above the water line... Stay tuned for PICS... having trouble deciding on a color... stock or harley orange and black?????????

84rzv500r 6th November 2020 00:28

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new parts started showing up for this too... xr750 tank, alloy rear fender, shocks, forks, new 83 xr-1000 wheels, front to rear conversion kit, floating brake button Kit... oh and K180 dunlops... and a 2014 sportster rear brake carrier and caliper, oh and the XR1200 front calipers... no front fender on this project, prolly just thro a set of slider protectors on it..

84rzv500r 8th November 2020 22:16

more work waiting for the TS Eta
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got the wheels all together got the 19 inch front to rear conversion done ! waiting for valve stems and front disk spacers from vulcan... I also decided to ge with a 130/80-19 K180A for the front as the 100 looked too skiny in the XR1200 forks and the 140 fits so the 130 should be fine...

84rzv500r 10th November 2020 15:44

3/4 wheel to 25mm axle problem
quick update... Looks like I have two solutions to the Timken 9052 3/4 bearing to 25mm axle problem...
solution 0: turn down the XR1200 axles to 0.748 (not enough material) :frownthre

solution 1: custom axle(s), kinda expensive... :doh

solution 2: turn down some 6061-T6 2" OD 1.5" ID tube stock to a light press fit 1.781" OD 1.575" ID 0.205" wall 0.700" long 6061-T6 sleeves and press into wheel bearing race bore, this converts the old style wheel to accept 25x40x17mm bearings and 35x45x7 mm seals. then turn down some 6061-T6 1.5" OD 1.0" id to 1.378 OD and cut to length, and make s bearing spacer out of 1.125x1.0 6061-T6, shim/fit if/as req :banana

bearings seals and tube stock on order :clap

now if beach barbie will just let me put the XR-1000 and XL 1200 wheels in the oven on warm for a couple hours :dunno

84rzv500r 11th November 2020 14:36

more parts...
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Parts are rolling in...
I guess I should update H_D that their fitment list is a little lacking as im pretty sure these are going on a 1983 XR-1000 and 1999 XL1200 S :D

harley506d 11th November 2020 14:50

Are these sort any good for you?

84rzv500r 11th November 2020 16:23

Thanks yes I saw those however its the wrong direction in axle diameter...

I couldn't find a 1.781" x 0.984" bearing so Im going metric :D...

I'm gonna run the 25mm Xr1200 Axle on the front with 1983/84 XR wheels on my XR-1000 so rather than getting three new axles made (one for each bike plus a spare ) i decided to sleeve the wheels to use 25mmx40mm bearings and just make some sleeves and spacers and use off the shelf bearings and 35x45x7 seals. the axles are far more complicated and expensive to machine than just turning down some round aluminum stock to the correct dimensions and cutting to length...

From all my projects and racing i've learned that when ever i go to the trouble of making something don't just make one make a few for spares cause shit happens... :doh

harley506d 11th November 2020 19:36

Ah, sorry, i understand what you are doing now. Best of luck!.

84rzv500r 13th November 2020 17:05

no worries...

84rzv500r 13th November 2020 20:53

timken to 25mm problem solved... parts arrived
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ok here are the pics... I have a little lathe work for the sleeves and the inner and outer axle spacers yet to go but its nothing fancy. Bearings, seals and shims were off the shelf industrial parts.. found a bearing company that was willing to make a run of 1.781 OD to 25mm ID bearings if I would commit to a 1000 units LOL :banadanc

Rear wheel ready for Rotor and PBI 52T alloy rear sprocket, stainless arp sprocket bolts drilled for safety wire....

Lip seals arriving Monday

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