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84rzv500r 16th November 2020 17:27

one sorry XR-1000 thank you Irma...
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So today started the cleanup and disassembly of a once proud scoot.. She is in sad state... the only thing that might be worse is what Irma did to my 8.2 litre injected 6 speed wide body 71 corvette...

Never fear they will both live again to annoy the neighbors :laugh

the good news is I will have 2 sets of 99 XL1200S forks/triples and Shocks to get rid of... :rolleyes:

CT XR rider 17th November 2020 14:57

Wow...what a sad event for your beautiful XR1000 and your Corvette. the pictures you posted at the beginning of this thread, back in 2016 shows a great looking XR1000, I know you will be able to get her back to her former glory, take your time and do it right, both vehicles deserve to be restored.
by the way, in addition to my XR1000, I also have a 1972 LT-1 Corvette, so I know how you feel if anything bad were to happen to either one of those.
Good Luck, and keep us posted on your progress

84rzv500r 18th November 2020 18:19

deconstruction progress...
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sad yet happy pulling things down and packing them away...

ChinCactus 18th November 2020 23:12


Originally Posted by 84rzv500r (Post 5861468)
sad yet happy pulling things down and packing them away...

Nice! Start a build thread.

84rzv500r 20th November 2020 17:00

more deconstruction progress...
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so Ive discovered a harley is all about order of operations and who ever was in their engineering dept had a sadistic yet twisted definition of maintainability :doh yet somehow so cool.... :wonderlan

84rzv500r 20th November 2020 22:02

i couldn't help it...
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i just had to see if il looked like it did in my mind...

CT XR rider 21st November 2020 13:45

is that front end off a XR1200?, looks like it will work

84rzv500r 21st November 2020 14:53

Yep XR1200...
Bolts right up... I have the 25mm axle to 3/4 wheel all worked out as well as the hub width... harley, GM, and yamaha are all "Parts Bin" companies... makes updates and conversions to newer generation components WAY easier...:cheers

ChinCactus 21st November 2020 18:49

Quite a beefy front end. Looks great!

84rzv500r 22nd November 2020 00:20

more work...
test fitting and gathering /prepping parts.... Fitted the rear shocks... gotta widen the swingarm shock bracket a bit... maybe fab up some pieces that look like XR750 and are adjustable??

also salvaged the rotors off the old spoked wheels... the rotors are stainless so the salt water didn't bother them bit... however the rotor bolts were another story... out of 15 bolts there 2 that came out with heat... the rest were just breaking made in usa torx impact sockets so i drilled then all out...

then I ground the rivets out of the front rotors and installed a full floater kit... Jingel Jangel...

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