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ferretface 11th July 2019 20:16

Brake Line Part Number ?
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As shown in the attached pic, my newly-acquired Sportster has a front dual-disk brake line that has been 'bubba-ized' to fit a lower set of handlebars.

Cycle was originally an XLH [according to VIN] but a previous owner tossed the buckhorn bars (as any owner should) and fit the XLX bars (5" rise).

That ugly loop has got to go. I could cut and bend/straighten out that loop and fit a brake union (double flared) but that's still ugly.

In a perfect world, I'd have my Harley dealer look up the number and then tell me they're no longer available, but as we all know, everything is available online.

There is no obvious hydraulic line/hose shop in my area.

So, I would like to find the complete one-piece NOS lines/hoses for my 1983 XL with dual-disks and stock XLX bars and risers.

I've tried the online catalogs of Drag Spec, Barnett, JP Cycles, Kirk, etc with no success.

Would anyone have a parts catalog listing the XLX brake line assembly???

Thank you for your time. :)

Toejam503 11th July 2019 20:35

Looking at pics, the closest brake line would be an XR1000, but it looks like the same brake line only bent wrong.
You have Dual front discs, right? If not, just measure about an 1''-2'' from the banjo joint and follow the line, you want, down to the caliper. That will tell you how long a single aftermarket brake line you'll need, when you order brake lines, the banjo joints are included in the brake line, but not in the measurement and I think they come with different angles.
If you do have dual discs, then measure to the meter block, although I'd replace the lower hoses, too.
TRY,, or

ryder rick 11th July 2019 21:18

The way this is done is to MAKE your lines using universal hoses and adapters.

Factory brake lines are marginal at best, Goodrich lines will last longer and give a better feel.

I have never been able to create a proper double flare by hand, even with tools that profess to do this.

ferretface 11th July 2019 23:06

Rick & TJ -

Sounds like a winter project. I've been looking at the universal brake line/hose kits and components in JP Cycle catalog. I do have dual-disks with splitter block bolted to the bottom of the triple tree. But my calipers use screw-in lines, not banjo bolt lines.

I'll see what I can find. Thanks for the help! :)

ryder rick 11th July 2019 23:42

There are adapters from the AN hose to the 3/16 flared tube.

Lots of options. EG: VTwin #23-4281

ferretface 16th July 2019 02:40

I broke down and bought an old parts catalog for my Sportster on Ebay. Looked up the part number and just for S&G checked Ebay for that part and found out I just missed a NOS in bag HD brake line/hose assembly by a couple days. :rolleyes:

Good price too. :(

iNSaNeSHaNe 16th July 2019 04:04

I had a similar situation about 10 years ago dual disk and the banjo was leaking where the line went in from it being bent around when they lowered the bars.

Since I couldn't find a proper line I opened the bleeders, removed the line from the master and took it loose from the trees, giving me enough room to repair it.

I got out my oxy / act torch with a 00 tip and heated the banjo where the line went in and pulled it out.
Then took a drill bit slightly larger than the hole and cleaned it up.
Next I cut off the line and scuffed it with sandpaper and test fitted it to align the banjo.
As for assembly, I brazed it.
First heating the banjo and prepping the repair with borax as flux before sliding in the line and brazing it using fluxed rod.
Probably took an hour.
If you do this make sure to open the bleeders to let the fluid go down the line or it will not weld. and after it cools off make sure to flush it back out good. I pushed the calipers in to back flush it, to make sure no contaminants were in there.

Good Luck

Old Junk 17th July 2019 04:43

I would also suggest that you call or visit the website for Bill's Custom Cycles. They sold me the brake line/hose kit you're looking for. Very easy to deal with.

ferretface 17th July 2019 14:31


Originally Posted by Old Junk (Post 5763156)
I would also suggest that you call or visit the website for Bill's Custom Cycles. They sold me the brake line/hose kit you're looking for. Very easy to deal with.

I will do that. But...There are many Bill's Custom Cycles...In Pennsylvania, California, etc. Did you have a specific Bill's in mind??? :)

NLXL 17th July 2019 16:50

I'm very happy with Goodridge brake lines. Lot of choice, good quality.

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