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supr2nr 29th April 2009 21:42

Looking down at the generator from the top which arm is the Field and which is the Armature?

If I'm not mistaken the left would be Armature and the right would be Field correct?

FourCams 29th April 2009 21:55

Look really closely on the generator housing. The "A" and "F" should be stamped near the terminals.
Usually the A is on the left but there's no guarantee. Some are different. If you can't find the stampings you can tell by looking at the brush leads. The one that's riveted to the brush plate goes to the "F" terminal.

IronMick 30th April 2009 04:39

Most have the A being closer to the front. I have actually seen one that is opposite. It is an older one. Did not know it was different until it would not work; opened it up and said "this is wired wrong"; then realized it was opposite.

Scrape off some paint and look closely for the indented letters in the metal case.

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