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jared.mann 27th October 2008 19:01

Who Runs Turn Signals?
Right now I ain't running turn signals on my bike, so I thought I would start a poll and see if I was the only one out there? If you don't run any signals, have you been hasseled by the cops at all?

Moved On / My Own Choice 27th October 2008 19:05

Who gives a crap about the cops, I'll take all the light I can get to keep me seen!

Front and back!

Plus the turn signals in the back make excellent auxiliary/supplementary brake lights!

shotgun46 27th October 2008 19:05

I have signals on My sport but not on My 750 No issues so far !

zenfrogmaster 27th October 2008 19:07

I'm with Kev - turn signals front and rear. Greater visibility to the cagers, less visibility to the LEOs (although they're quite forgiving around here).

scottgearman 27th October 2008 19:07

As of this moment it's 50/50.... a prime example of how data can be complete BULL.
I'm not sure but I would imagine that I could use arm signals and get by legally, but I'm thinking that at 130 kph. I don't really want to do either of two things.
1) Raise my left arm above my head to signal that I am moving over into the right lane
2) assume that who ever is behind me would recognise that my raising my left arm in the air means I'm moving over into the right hand lane.

There are things I am willing to do for a cleaner look on my bike, I don't beleive this is one of them.

Lenster 27th October 2008 19:17

IMO, you NEED turn signals. It would only be a matter of time before you were signalling with your left hand and needed clutch to brake. It's just not safe. If you need to be cool, there are a lot of options out there and still have turn signals.

daggar rider 27th October 2008 19:25

i got nothin, it looks cooler and makes the bikes lines flow nicer

Moved On / My Own Choice 27th October 2008 19:35


Originally Posted by daggar rider (Post 1544040)
it looks cooler

I can't hear someone talk about that without thinking they're still in high school. :p

goinsideways136 27th October 2008 19:41

i stripped mine because im making mine as bare bones as possible... just my style

redling36 27th October 2008 19:47

I have 5 bikes in my garage, some with signals, some without. Some bikes are old enough were actually manufactured without them. I do not see a problem not having signals but do agree that if you are going to ride in the city and/ or in traffic frequently, turn signals are probably a good idea. If you are looking for something small there are many options available and the are really easy to mount in most cases.

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