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Glamazon 19th April 2016 19:35

Richie washed the oil from his hands and looked at the clock. He'd surprise Debbie by arriving early at work for her and giving her a lift home. She said not to bother going out of his way but he wanted to surprise her.He fired the 63 ironhead up second kick, he was getting too old for this. He had a modern Sportster at home for everyday use but still loved to ride the 63.
The blue & white Sportster pulled up to the lights, some kids in a battered old Ford challenged him to a race, no contest, Richie saw the car look like it was in reverse.He pulled up at the nail bar to see it closed, maybe she'd gone to take pictures for the night school project she'd been working on. He rode round to the old terraced houses behind the station, many were boarded up now waiting for the demolition team.
It was getting dark as he reached home, Richie chained the bike to the ground anchor in the garage, locked up and went to the front door. He could see the silouette of a woman through the patterned glass, tall with long hair. She opened the door for him and he almost fainted.
She was tall & big built with long straightred hair, not tall, slim and long wavy blonde hair. It took him a moment to realise Jenny was his wife now, not Debbie. it was 2015 not 1999 and once again on 19th November he'd gone searching for Debbie on the aniversary of her disappearance

wedge 7th February 2019 02:34

Meanwhile, as darkness sets in on the other side of town, (not this town, the town where Richie lived in 99). Debbie sits patiently as she organizes her nail files for tomorrow, wondering why Richie is so damn late. Sure, he has been late before, but this time it just feels longer. Last time this happened (yesterday), she tried calling her old buddy Jenny for a ride but there was no answer. Come to think of it, she didn't answer the night before either. In a few minutes she is going to try Jenny's number again, because; it's looking like Richie is too "BUSY" to fire up the bike and come pick her up. Hopefully Jenny answers her phone tonight or Debbie will end up walking home again.

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