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lespaul6 7th November 2015 01:08

Homemade axle aduster end plate?
I have a 2002 sportster that had a lowering bracket installed by the previous owner. The bracket is the type that actually bolts into the end of the swing arm taking the place of the stock axle adjustment end plate.

Rather than order and wait, does anyone know if its possible and safe to use a stainless washer to act as the end plate?

advice appreciated!

DaytonaSportster 7th November 2015 03:46

I would in a pinch. Just use a hammer and bend the washer around the swing arm so it cant move

welshturk 7th November 2015 12:17

I had the same issue when I removed my lowering brackets. I used a large washer and a smaller washer to spread the force of the bolt and avoid the large washer curving.
It's been like this for the last 6 months. ;-)

lespaul6 7th November 2015 13:15

You guys rock... thanks for the pics! I'm off to ace hardware to get what I need.

einheit 13 7th November 2015 15:20

Gut the lowering bracket off and use the end plate....

The Crusher 8th November 2015 00:28

Mine had a kit like this. For mine, I just turned the lowering kit, so it acts like a tab and there's holes to mount lights below the rear shocks, if I want.

welshturk 9th November 2015 22:38

For a neater (more permanent) job, maybe source a larger diameter washers (with the same sized centre hole), grind/cut to around a half inch larger than the swing-arm tube, cut a right angle 'V' at each corner, and peen over the edges.

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