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razorbacksrule 9th May 2019 02:08

Horsepower Guess
Thinking of buying another Sportster . It's a 1999 883 with a S&S 1200 conversion S&S Super E carb Ultima Ignition and aftermarket Exhaust . What could I expect horsepower wise around 70 hp ?

Hopalong48 9th May 2019 02:12

Make a dyno pull part of the deal. then you will know everything you need.

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razorbacksrule 9th May 2019 02:37

Closest dyno to here is 70 miles away that's probably not going to
Happen .

Hopalong48 9th May 2019 02:53

A stock 883 from that time made about 45 hp. so a 1200 kit with good heads and cams could bring it up some. But just putting the parts on doesn't guarantee the hp you would like it to have. But its a start. the most important thing is how much do you like it.

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bustert 9th May 2019 03:01

got a really good smart phone??
they usually have an app for that!
you can use the accelerometer function to calculate the numbers.

razorbacksrule 9th May 2019 03:10

I was basing 70hp on a 883 I done a conversion to a few years ago . It had an SE 1200 kit SE Ignition and SE slip on Exhaust . It pulled 72hp on the Dyno .

hammer6315 9th May 2019 03:27

Sounds about right. Are you happy with the performance?

RussW 9th May 2019 04:00

Check to see if the conversion was by installing one of the "74XLSS" kits, which included their Super Stock heads, Super E , 500 cams, etc. It would say "Super Stock" right on the heads. If so, you can figure low 80's with a marginal exhaust, high 80's with a good exhaust. Mine pulls mid 90's after changing to a Woods cam

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