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cyn 26th October 2005 03:07

Installing Grips
Ok, yeah, I do have the manual; I am mechanically inclined but mostly on cars. :rolleyes: But I got these new grips that are chrome & rubber w/ the flames. What is the easiest way to switch these out? Thanks for any help.

GOTWA 26th October 2005 03:20

The easiest way to switch them out is to tak eoff the old ones first. :D

Are they HD grips? If so, I personally do not believe in glueing the left one on. The flange that fits into the switch housing will hold the grip in place just the same as it does the right one.

The two biggest "issues" I encountered were the tiny little brass ferrules on the ends of throttle cables wanting to find a new home. Watch them close because they will take off on you.

The other was kind of a bizarre occurance that I doubt you'll run into but when I changed mine out, I some how managed to get everything tweaked just right that it caused my throttle to stick. Took me a bit to chase down the problem but discovered that all I needed to do was ever so slightly rotate the master cylinder and switch housings a bit and then things were fine.

It's pretty straight forward. An extra pair of hands helps as does loosening the cable tension nuts on the cable. I'd also recommend lubing the cables while you got things apart.

cyn 26th October 2005 03:27

Thanks Gotwa!
Appreciate the response. I know that alot of times what they show in the manual is not necessarily the easiest way.

Yeah, they are HD grips; got them off ebay. I will give it a try tomorrow. Fortunately, I do have an extra pair of hands :) Thanks again!

Any other suggestions?

Moved On 26th October 2005 03:27

Are they HD grips ???

If they aren't I don't know because you may need to glue the left grip.

If they are HD grips, then you don't need any glue.

You're going to need a torx bit (screw driver type works fine). I think a T-20 but I'm not sure. Best to get a set if you don't have them already, since you will use other sizes in other places on your bike. If you buy a new set, try to find one with a T-27 because you will eventually need one when you progress on to your derby cover someday. The T-27 is a difficult size to find.

Back to the grips....

Remove the two torx screws on each side that hold the control housings together. Before you remove the housing from the throttle side place a small cardboard or wood wedge in the brake lever so that you do not damage the rubber boot on the brake switch.

Remove the left grip first, it's the easier side. You may have to twist the old grip off, because there is some tacky material under it on the handle bars. Once it breaks free it will slide right off. Just push the new one on, align the tab on the grip with the space in the control housing (assuming you have HD grips) and then tighten the control housing back up.

On the throttle side you will need to remove the throttle and idle cables from the old grip. To do this loosen up the cable adjusters. They are under the rubber boots right near where the elbows are in the cables by the handle bars. Take note of how many turns you do on each adjuster so you can get back to approx. the same place when you go back together. Once loosened you can remove the cables from the old grips. You will still have to work a bit to get enough slack but they will eventually come out. Watch out for the brass ferrules on the ball ends of the cables, they grow legs when the air hits them. Once the cable ends are out, the old throttle side grip will slide right off. The new one goes on in the reverse order. It wouldn't be a bad idea to lube your cables with some WD-40 while you have the ends exposed. Clamp the control housing back together. Take note that the brake lever clamp has a tab that needs to go into a slot on the control housing. If you don't align this your brake light might stick on. Adjust the throttle and idle cables so that there isn't too much play in the throttle.

Oh one more thing to watch on the throttle side. There's a small piece of black plastic that fits between the throttle lock screw and the throttle grip body. It can grow legs also. If it gets lost your throttle grip can make the throttle stick.

That's it :D


cyn 26th October 2005 03:38

Thanks Gazza
That is awesome! :clap That is really a great response! Appreciate all the thought that went into that. I am on it now. I will let you how it goes.


Moved On 26th October 2005 04:05

Well at least there's one thing that I know how to do !!! :D :D

I'm pretty proud of GOTWA too... seems like it wasn't too long ago that I gave him the same advice and he did a pretty damned good job of passing it on...

That's one of the great things about this forum. Folks learn how to do stuff from other people, then pass on the info next time someone else asks... and then they pass it on... and so forth. Before you know it we'll all be doing our own fixups... well except for jetting... I'm leaving that one to Stevo and Chuck :wonderlan

I'm worried about GOTWA though... he's been reading that "Jetting 101" thread for a few weeks now... he's gonna be pretty darned smart when he gets done soaking in that thread :p


GOTWA 26th October 2005 04:56

Nah Gary I'm just thick so I have to read Jetting 101 for weeks to try and get it to set

Excellent point about the cardboard spacer too! Cyn this is VERY important. Lots of folks over look it or don't realize the need and end up with a fried brake light switch.

cyn 26th October 2005 15:28

Really thanks guys
About how long to you think this would take? I may wait until after the weekend at this weekend is when all the bike builders are coming to town and they are having a memorial ride for Gary from MI. I don't want to be down for that.

With all of the help you both have posted (and I am printing this thread out), I don't think it will be a problem.

Thanks again!

04SportNasty 26th October 2005 15:52

just be careful of the little black brake switches as they will brake easily, I broke mine and did not realize it until I went for an inspection and they found it out because your brake light will not work when you pull the handle.

Clark_2510 26th October 2005 15:54

Great advice from Gazza and Gotwa. That is exactly how I did it. Don't forget to put the spacer between the bake lever. I did not use any lube or glue on my HD grips like Gotwa states the clamp holds the grip in place. I know some members stated glueing them or putting hair spray on. That works on BMX bikes and th eold school grips but I do not think it is necessary on the new ones especially since the clamp holds them in place.

I am sure you wil do fine. If I can do it you can. It only took about twenty minutes only because I was so excited I cut left grip off an just put he new one on. I tried cutting the right and man it was a PAIN unitl I realized the whole grip came off. I was trying to cut the rubber off the throttle grip. Man did I feel like an Arse. :hidechai I knew that.

I bet you feel more confident already.


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