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Red 25th March 2006 05:10

Tires for "Rubber mount XL" poll.
I've been riding XL1200R for about two years.
Well, it's time to change the tires.
There are many opportunities when I ride winding road than a highway.
What tires do you recommend for "Rubber mount XL"?
(Size : F-100/90-19, R-150/80B16)
Thanks in advance.

Takingabreak 25th March 2006 05:27

I would suggest the new Dunlop GT 501.

Jimbo999 25th March 2006 05:58

I ride 85% winding rual roads............I recommend Metzler Marathon 880. I'm
on my second set and I love them.

xllent01 25th March 2006 14:46

Are the rubber mount tires really better than the old rigid mounts :roflblack:laugh

Clark_2510 25th March 2006 15:51

I would go with a tire that is good in wet weather. In Okinawa the roads have coral in them and they get slick as hell when it rains. I am assuming the roads in mainland are the same way. I hear Metzlers are the way to go for wet weather tires ,but I do not have experience with them. Maybe someone will chime in.


teXLan 25th March 2006 15:58

I recently installed Dunlop GT501s in stock sizes. I'm very happy with them.

XLFREAK 25th March 2006 15:59

I really like my ME880s :sporty:

lava red rob 25th March 2006 16:07

ME880s waiting to go on as soon as my warranty rear wheel(bad chrome) comes in.

mordak 25th March 2006 17:38

I'm going with the Metzler ME880 when it's time for some new sneakers.

Turbota 25th March 2006 17:51

Since you have an 04 1200R, I would replace the stock 150 / 80HB -16 rear tire with a Metzler ME880 160 / 80HB -16.

From everything I have read, it will fit fine.

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