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25loud 18th December 2008 09:46

Can anyone tell me what will fit an XR1200 (Exhaust)
I know this is getting old but here in Oz we are charged a fortune for bike parts. SO 3 grand for a system is a bit much when I can get XL sporty systems for a grand on ebay.

What exhausts will for an XR1200.

I like the style of the
SUPERTRAPP XR 2 into 2 Exhaust but can it be made to fit, brake master cylinder bracket, foot pegs etc

Or even the Vance and Hines short shots, hows ground clearence etc......

Also will the performance increase a long with intake and computer mods be the same as the other remus and termi systems?

Thanks for any information.

XLFREAK 18th December 2008 14:45

Adrenalinmoto sells a Remus header and Powercone can.

Dallara 18th December 2008 17:20


For those who want the new XR1200 to look more and more like an XR750 flat tracker, it is my understanding that Storz Performance - - is working on making as many of their current line of Sportster products work and fit on the XR1200.

Perhaps some of their high pipes might be to your taste...

They have lots of other nice stuff, too.

Hope this helps! :)



RUNHD 18th December 2008 19:39

Did you notice that since HD bought to Storz the name "XR 1200" Storz re-elected their bike "SP 1200 ?:bump

Dallara 18th December 2008 19:55

More Storz...


Originally Posted by RUNHD (Post 1633615)
Did you notice that since HD bought to Storz the name "XR 1200" Storz re-elected their bike "SP 1200 ?:bump

Yep. That whole tussle was back this summer. Word is that Steve Storz got a pretty good chunk of change from H-D for the name. Also heard a rumor the entire Storz/XR1200 name fiasco was one of the reasons that delayed H-D releasing the XR in the States.

Who knows??? :dunno



LOFTYBOB 19th December 2008 05:27

Don't know who is quoting your prices in OZ mate, but I'm down in Adelaide and have just ordered a full Remus system for my XR1200 for $1,750 AUD. I went for the black muffler as I think it looks the goods.
Good luck with your choice of exhaust system.
Regards Bob

25loud 19th December 2008 10:42

Bob, thats just for the exhaust, plus ignition module, intake mods and dyno and I was quoted 3700 fitted! These no point in just the pipe if you want to get the most performance, and almost 2 grand for a better note seems a bit pricey.


fedrico 3rd March 2009 18:07

does anyone bought the new D & D performace exhaust XR 1200, or does anyone have any experince with this systeem. I won't to buy the system , but i do not now if you can buy them in the netherlands.

Fedrico Ekkelenkamp
The netherlands.

Fat Billy 4th March 2009 12:46

Just recieved my QD system on Monday. Total shipping weight was 16.1 lbs including the box and packing. Will dyno tomorrow and report. Stainless steel looks awesome. Can't wait. :tour Later,

BIG DOUG 4th March 2009 20:37

I have just finished making my own exhaust,used a yoshi tri oval carbon muffler and built the headers machined up some o2 fittings just finishing it up today and painting and heat wrapping it, total cost $150.00 NZ dollars and a day + 1/2 to build I will post pics later.

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