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kaveebee 25th August 2016 14:46

1958 XLH Frame Repair mods
Moderator note: See post #19.

My 1958 XLH Frame had been rear ended at some time and had a damaged left side seat post. I had to remove it and put in a new length of tube. Seemed an easy job...

kaveebee 25th August 2016 14:48

Here is the frame with the replacement tube, a length of Inch steam pipe.How to clean up the top and bottom casting and install the new length.

kaveebee 25th August 2016 14:58


I cut the old tube away and got a dremel onto the portion of tube remaining in the bottom casting. I had bought an old Inch adjustable reamer off good ole eBay and it worked a treat on the bore of the top casting.I reamed it out just a tad undersize for the replacement tube, a length of Inch steam pipe. I used a short length of the same pipe emery polished undersize a tad. Getting the reamer into the bottom casting was a bit harder, I had to adjust the reamer undersize after I had welded a bolt onto the top tang . Then it was easy to drive the reamer with a socket and ratchet. The tube and bottom casting bore would not line up but a couple of sash clamps brought it all into play. I then got a brass drift and hammer and got the pipe installed. All I have to do now is put a couple of welds on the frame.

kaveebee 25th August 2016 15:00

kaveebee 25th August 2016 15:03

kaveebee 25th August 2016 15:07

Seemed to go in quite well. I would like to replace the other side but my days aren't my own what with one thing and another. I have to clean up the right side and remove an oil tank bracket as I will be putting on a breadbox oil tank. I like the '66 Sportster look.

kaveebee 25th August 2016 15:11

This is the bracket, I don't really want to take it off but I need to do it in order to place a breadbox oil tank. I haven't got the money to buy a horseshoe tank , they are getting very pricey plus I don't want the XLH Oil tank either. Although it would be easier to run a battery then. Hmm.

Adayrider 25th August 2016 15:59

That bracket is not used for the lunch box oil tank on my 72. However yours looks like it faces forward, mine faces rear. Either way doesn't effect the lunchbox. And I am assuming lunchbox and breadbox are the same.

kaveebee 25th August 2016 22:12

yes the two names mean the same, I'm a bit slack with my terminologies most times. sorry.

Adayrider 25th August 2016 22:23

Nice job on the fix. Why do you want to do the other?

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