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Folkie 28th September 2018 20:36

Wednesday 5th June 2019: Postcombe
I'm planning a ride to Postcombe in Oxfordshire, at the foot of the Chiltern Hills.

I'm planning to go on this ride on Wednesday 5th June.

The aim is to have a bit of a wander around the Chilterns, exploring some of the remote little lanes (well: as remote as the Chilterns get, anyway). Why Postcombe? Well, I want to ride from Sydenham and along Salt Lane to South Weston, and Postcombe is conveniently placed part way along there.

I'll be going by way of Guildford, and North from there, through Swinley Forest, through White Waltham, and crossing the River Thames at Marlow. From Marlow, a minor road to Fingest, then Chequers Lane, Bigmore Lane, and a succession of similar lanes, to The City.

'The City' isn't a city. It isn't even a village. It's just a tiny hamlet; part of the village of Radnage. Weird! After Radnage, along Sprigs Holly Lane and down Chinnor Hill to Chinnor, along the B4445 to Sydenham, and down Chalford Road to Postcombe.

Here is the central part of the ride at a much larger scale. Postcombe is the marked point on the route near to the M40 motorway (near the top of the map):

I'm planning to have lunch at the England's Rose pub (previously: The Feathers) in Postcombe.

The return route will be along Salt Lane to South Weston, then a little circuit around by Stoke Talmage and Pyrton, before going through Watlington and up Hill Road to Christmas Common. Then along Nοrth Εnd (a little lane) to Northend (a tiny village), along Drover's Lane to Southend (ah, right; I see what they did there), and down Fawley Bottom Lane to Middle Assendon.

I'll return across the Thames at Henley, then follow a succession of lanes (White Hill, Culham Lane, Warren Row Road, … ) through Cockpole Green (!), back to White Waltham. Then instead of Guildford, I'll go down the M3 a bit (only about four miles), then down the A331 past Farnborough and Aldershot, to Tongham. Then a bit of the old Hogs Back road, and along the Sеale Rοad to the B3001, through Elstead to Milford, and home.

150 miles round trip.

England's Rose:


Chequers Lane:

Bigmore Lane:

Sprigs Holly Lane:

Drover's Lane:

Fawley Bottom Lane:

Chilterns views:

sportsterdoc 28th September 2018 20:42

Love the pics, Nigel!

Glamazon 28th September 2018 21:05

Another great read coming up. Not visited this area properly though I spent a very uncomfortable afternoon at Oakley Court, it was many years later I learned of it's sinister reputation

Folkie 28th September 2018 21:34

Oakley Court? I don't think I've head about that. What 'sinister reputation'?

Glamazon 28th September 2018 23:23

I felt very uncomfortable as I felt the place had a bad atmosphere. It was about 5 years later I read of this. The Real Hammer House of Horror: Oakley Court Hotel Windsor ...

Folkie 28th September 2018 23:34

Crikey !

Glamazon 29th September 2018 08:02

Best take a Crucifix, Holy Water & silver bullets with you!

5mel42 29th September 2018 16:16

What a beautiful area to ride. We may have about another month of riding weather where I live, but cool and increasingly wet as time goes on. Summer is just too short!

Folkie 30th March 2019 16:36

I've just discovered that Sprigs Holly Lane, from Radnage towards Chinnor, is closed for 18 months (from last April) for 'cabling works'.

18 months! What are they doing, digging the trench with hand tools; maybe a gаrden trοwel?

Anyway, I may have to make a little detour.

sportsterpaul 30th March 2019 20:16

Looks like you guys have all the fun out and about on the other side of the pond. May have to try and put a visit together and check some of this out! Cheers!

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