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hawgford 24th July 2018 00:17

S3 Luggage
question will S3 luggage fit other S series bikes? meanin the mounts fit?I am lookin at a sweet S3T 99 vs a 98 S1 lightning.. which i prefer but want the luggage capability.. Bike looks alot slower with bags on it, but they have to be the right ones...

Airbozo 24th July 2018 00:40

I am not 100%, but based on what I have read, the luggage mounts will not fit anything but the S3. The tail on the S1 is different.

I love my 2000 S3t and currently have the bags off for repair and powdercoating of the mounts.

his would be my second S3T, but I don't want to sleep in the dog house all winter. Crazy price, but needs some work to be road ready:

hawgford 24th July 2018 01:01

nice sled but its injected.Am interested in a carb bike only as I have a box full of CV's that i have done different mods to and run them on IH and SH as well as Evo. BIG difference over the P O S E model..

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