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Stairman 4th July 2019 10:22

Happy Birthday U.S.A.
God Bless America

mwXL 2006 4th July 2019 12:14

Happy 4th of July to all of us on this great day.

Sprtstr1200s 4th July 2019 13:55

Same Kate Smith MLB outlawed? God bless America.

Bow only 4th July 2019 13:58

Happy 4th of July Jim.... see you Labor Day weekend.

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Toejam503 4th July 2019 14:24

243 years as a nation WITH the same Constitution! That's something to celebrate!


Ireeman 4th July 2019 16:39

Insurrection Day is a favorite of mine.
Happy Sedition and let the chaos begin!

Ireeman 4th July 2019 18:12

In 1776 it was suggested that we surrender our weapons and being such an accommodating lot....we shot them.

Calcustom 4th July 2019 22:00

Happy 4th Everyone and thank you all of the members of the US Armed Forces past and present who keep us free to enjoy the rights we have today.

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