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Expat 17th April 2007 23:39

MPG HONESTLY, what do you get?
The poll is MPG using American Gallons as there must surely be more Americans than any other nation using Harleys.


I have just seen the other MPG Poll, and I kinda have to wonder.

I know there are 883 riders and 1200 riders, so maybe there should be a poll for both, but I have used conversion tables, and worked out my MPG using both Imperial Gallons and American gallons, which are smaller.... now there's something eh... :-D

In the UK we fill up with litres, but I have done conversions for that two, and assuming I haven't messed up, I tend to get about 51 MPG using Imperial, which I reckon converts to just over 42MPG American.

Yet I have seen some MPG estimates that sound like the bike is running on fumes

Mine was is mixed riding, a fair amount of cruise, with some local urban, just the odd flick of the throttle every now and then, on a bike with just over 500mls on it.

I would expect the 1200 to give better mpg than the 883, as it doesn't have to work so hard for any given speed.... so less right wrist.....but maybe I'm wrong?

For those filling up in litres, I believe multiplying it by .2641 will convert it to US gallons.

Come on Guy's and Gal's average riding ... what do you get?

rider1951 17th April 2007 23:58

mine is a 1200 and I get between 36 to 50 mpg. the 36 mpg is a 10 mile commute to work half freeway half city. On the open roads out in the country I get between 47-49 mpg. I've kept track of my mileage from day one and the overall average in the first 15,479 miles is 43 mpg.

TheForce 17th April 2007 23:59

I'm pretty much stock with the exception of my exhaust. I'm getting around 52 mpg.

Todd31de 18th April 2007 00:01

If I am not cranking on the throttle I can get 52 mpg. Cranking on the throttle is about 40.

Roadster_Rider 18th April 2007 00:19

Usually low to mid 40's, but i ride it hard all the time.

johnnybgood 18th April 2007 00:25

I'm getting between 45 and 55.


bigbluebowtie 18th April 2007 00:25

I voted 40-50 mpg. I average 45, but I am hot on the throttle. Haven't figured my conversion yet...that number is with an 883. 18 mile trip to and from work, 3 blocks city, 17.5 miles wide open road. I like to hear my pipes! On the way to Sturgis last year I averaged 52...riding back with a 50 mph tail wind, I got 73!!

SavageRider 18th April 2007 00:26

My ride is a stock 883C. I've kept track of my mileage over the last two thousand miles and I get between 52 and 56 MPG. Most of that is back road speeds with occasional freeway miles mixed in too.

wolfgang 18th April 2007 00:37

I've been keeping track for three years and I get 48 to 50 on my daily commute on my 883, which is a mix of suburban roads and highway miles.

rcliffor 18th April 2007 00:39

Around town on short trips I get 40-45 MPG. However on long trips (not Interstate, but state highway speeds) I have gotten 62-63 MPG.

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