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47Harley 11th April 2010 14:53

Dyna S wiring diagram?
I'm on a friends '76 that he recently had completely rewired. The ignition was working before it was rewired and now I have no power to the coil. There is no kill switch hooked up anymore it just runs of the ignition switch.

Ivan RoachCoach 11th April 2010 15:02

I don't understand what your question is, but go to Dynatek's... to see the wiring diagrams for their systems.

xamper 11th April 2010 15:02

i put dyna s on my 72 cb750k1 a while ago. it's a great product.

you can find a lot of instructions on their website,

good luck.

47Harley 13th April 2010 00:57

Thanks for the site. After checking everything was hooked up properly still no spark. Put a points plate on with points and it's up and running now.

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