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SportyLou 26th June 2012 14:46

Keep & Kill
Found this game on another forum Im a member of, pretty easy and fun to play so lets see how we do.

Keep & Kill
Basically, you will keep one word, of the two, and kill (drop) the other word, adding a different word of your choice.

It will go like this...

I write...
Coffee beans

You choose a word you want to exterminate, and add in another...
Hot coffee

I kill 'hot' and keep 'coffee.'
Coffee freak

You choose to kill 'coffee' and keep 'freak'...
Mind freak

I kill 'freak' and keep 'mind.'
Beautiful mind

...and so forth.

It cannot exceed two words.

I will begin...

Super Mario

gdixon61 26th June 2012 14:52

Mario Brothers

icanell 26th June 2012 14:53

Wright Brothers

83IRONXLX 26th June 2012 14:54

Blood Brothers

fun4regina 26th June 2012 14:55

blood bath

icanell 26th June 2012 14:58

Bath tub.

(forum said this was too short to post :) )

83IRONXLX 26th June 2012 14:58

Sponge Bath

fun4regina 26th June 2012 14:59

sponge bob

Francois 26th June 2012 15:00

bubble bath

83IRONXLX 26th June 2012 15:04

sponge cake (bubble bath wont work Francois)

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