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sportytrace 22nd October 2015 02:04

90" of Street-based FUN coming downunder
I tossed up whether to start a new thread for this build or just continue my existing 6 year refresh adventure. Decided on a new thread, even though I'll be leaving the hard work to others this time round and it may be a few months before the magic has happened. But I'm hoping this thread will help revamp my anticipation and excitement of getting HAMMERED :D

So... let's get into the nitty gritty.

Nyx is a 2008 1200N. She already has a D&D Bobcat, 560 Hammer cams and a Powervision Autotuner Pro. I've also recently added some more braking power by means of dual brembos in anticipation of this build.

I had been considering a 1250 + jackhammer 570 cams for more power in the band where I do most of my riding (4000-6000rpms), but after looking at lots of builds and dynos and speaking with Aaron (who deserves a medal for his patience with my endless questions), I decided to bite the bullet and jump up to 90" and the associated case splitting that entails.

I didn't want to send my own heads or throttle body overseas, so that led me down a path of the following combination:
  • 90" cast iron cylinders
  • 30 Degree reverse dome pistons
  • Used 883 heads Sledge ported
  • Used OEM throttle body ported
  • 560 Cams (already installed)
  • 7mm Striker valve spring kit
  • Sledge Hammer .065 Pushrods
  • Crush Airhammer air cleaner
  • Energy One clutch kit

Hammer Dan tells me that the engine components are all ready to roll; just waiting on the AC plates to come back from powder coating and some engraving before it all sets sail for Oz.

The cases and install are being done in south-east Qld; about 1200kms away. When I placed my order my thoughts were that I'd take vacation time in November to ride down for the install. Then spend a few days gently breaking her in, before getting her tuned by Fred at Procycle Dyno in Brisbane and then ride home. But, alas, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.... This thread may be somewhat slower moving as my recent ilio-inguinal lymph node clearance will keep me off Nyx for some time. I may trailer her down for the install then come home and break-in more slowly as I'm able, relying on the powervision wideband autotuning initially (no powervision dyno tuners I'd entrust her with in my region). Time will tell :)

So that is my planned build. Aiming for a responsive street bike that will be a fun ride. It's unlikely she'll see north of 6000rpms for my riding style, so desiring some nice gains in that 3000 - 5500rpm range rather than big top numbers at 7500. I believe Aaron has helped me put together a combination that will deliver that desire.

big andy 22nd October 2015 02:15

Trace You might need a set of wheelie bars on your bike .

rubine 22nd October 2015 02:16

Nice one Trace, sounds like a whole lotta fun! All the best to ya on your build.

oilly1 22nd October 2015 02:28

Good God, woman! You don't slow down for much. Forge ahead!

sportytrace 22nd October 2015 02:38


Originally Posted by rubine (Post 5273057)
Nice one Trace, sounds like a whole lotta fun! All the best to ya on your build.

Thanks! Certainly not as creative as your own build, but I'm hoping for a whole lotta fun.

Originally Posted by big andy (Post 5273056)
Trace You might need a set of wheelie bars on your bike .

:D Maybe :D Can't stop the grin contemplating that...

:shhhh Though if you asked me today I think I'd say training wheels may be more the go :shhhh

sportytrace 22nd October 2015 02:41


Originally Posted by oilly1 (Post 5273069)
Good God, woman! You don't slow down for much. Forge ahead!

Giving myself a goal to work towards to get me through the PT :p

oilly1 22nd October 2015 02:54

Whatever it takes, Trace. I have used that tactic more often than I care to think about, and with much less strenuous circumstances as a prod. : ) You go!

madnss 22nd October 2015 03:04

Hxlls Yas!!!!! Sweet!!!!

Rico 05R 22nd October 2015 03:13

Ninety Inch Nyx...that should be fun Trace.

jharback 22nd October 2015 04:25

Sounds like a plan..... and lots of fun!

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