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bplinson 21st February 2006 11:08

Gotwa's DIY Highway Bars
A downloadable version of Erik's instructions on how to make you own highway bars is now available in the Downloads section here:

gronk62 21st February 2006 11:13

Good job Erik.
Ya shoulda been an engineer....or sumfin :D

GOTWA 21st February 2006 22:57

Thanks Phil but slappin' a couple metal sticks together is a long way from engineering. 'Sides, and engineer would of had to put lights on it, and springy deals, and rotating parts,! :D:D:D

Thanks to Mr. Jimi for the suggestion of putting this into a how-to. Hope it helps spark some ideas out there.

Kelley 21st February 2006 23:18 and rotating parts.

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