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asepahmad 14th August 2008 06:22

Quad Cam Malaysia
Hi All, just a shout out from here in Malaysia. If any of you guys out there plan to visit, do give me a holla..

Ireeman 14th August 2008 06:25

thanks but it is a bit tricky there for us americans now. i miss the old days.

asepahmad 15th August 2008 05:53

Hi Ireeman,

It's a myth that its 'tricky' for Americans here in Malaysia... we have a large expat community here including Americans... Heck, some of the best guys i know are American & plenty of them ride Harleys... Malaysia is one of the most moderate Muslim states in the world... Plenty of bars, clubs & if you want more - there's always Thailand. An easy 800KM ride north to Phuket on our 3 lane Highway...
Damn, i sound like a a spokesperson for tourism but just wanna dispell some 'myth'...

Ireeman 15th August 2008 06:06

i hope your right. your scoot is looking good by the way.

daggar rider 15th August 2008 06:13

got any bigger pics of the scoot you can post

asepahmad 18th August 2008 03:26

here you go:

humpbackbob 18th August 2008 03:55

Cool Tank and color matched frame. What did you do with the front end?looks good.

asepahmad 19th August 2008 07:01

front end is Perse Performance 41mm forks & Pro1 3degree rake triple trees...

zumsteg 23rd August 2008 08:35


I have to agree with asepahmad on the fact he said about malaysia. Nothing "tricky" about any americans or europeans travelling there at all. its a pretty safe place, devoid of issues of colour, race and religion..

between asepahmad,
you have swapped your bars to the gimp bars eh? i prefer the clip ons you had earlier tho. but the ride is still looking good nevertheless..

cheers to all m'sian friends all in thread...

asepahmad 24th August 2008 17:07

hi zumsteg,

thanks for the comments... loved the clip-ons too but was a nightmare on long trips so opted to try out the gimps and its been a good choice.
FYI, just back today from a 5 day trip around the Malaysian peninsula. Covered 1800KM on back roads only... It was quite a trip :-)

screndname 31st July 2016 22:39

now that is a nice bike, maybe some day i will visit.

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