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Danny3nose 20th March 2010 04:59

Charging cell phone when camping?
How would you charge your cell phone if you are camping and don't have access to electricity? Is there some kind of power inverter I can use with my bike battery?

racerwill 20th March 2010 05:04

install a lighter socket and use a car charger...... it's easy......some people connect a 2 wire plug to the battery to connect a battery tender and use the same plug for the car charger, that way, when not in use, it can be stowed in the bag or tool roll


FoxsterUK 20th March 2010 05:04

Have a look on eBay for a little gadget that takes normal AA cells and comes with a set of adapters to charge all makes of cell phone. They are real small and I carry one in my tool roll in case I get really stuck somewhere and phone's battery is low.

FoxsterUK 20th March 2010 05:05

TripleDuck 20th March 2010 05:06

I've got an emergency flashlight and radio that has a handcrank generator with cell phone connectors. Handcrank and charge - works like a champ! I got it at Sportsmans Guide.

biged 20th March 2010 05:11

Radio shack sells a cigarette lighter socket with Battery clips clip it on and use your car charger

Wooley 20th March 2010 05:16

You could attach a lighter socket in close proximity of your bikes battery, only takes one wire and it's always hot so put a switch on it to turn socket on and off. Your cell phone place should have the appropriate cord for your phone to plug into the socket so no need for any invertor.
I put one of these on my old pickup I use to have that had no socket. I could talk on my cell and save phones battery power.

TonyC 20th March 2010 05:22

Do a search online for solar cell phone chargers. They are small, can fit in your jacket/pockets/bags whatever. Simple and cheap way to charge your phone, iPod, etc...

Loner 20th March 2010 05:29

C Crane sells a wind radio with the capability to charge cell phones and it can run on AA batteries it also has a led flashlight and weather band very nice to have it might be a bit big to take along on a bike, but I make room for mine. nice to relax to the radio by the fire at night.
But these are all good suggestion, my scooter has a small compartment on it I'm going to put a cigarette socket inside to charge my phone.
Another option is that there is motorcycle tank bags with power cords built in to charge phones and other electronics.
The simplist and cheapest is put a socket on your bike.
oops a link would help

khaskins 20th March 2010 06:02

I have a phone charger that uses 2 aa batteries to charge my phone in about an hour. I carry it an a couple spare aa batteries in my kit.

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