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66xlch 24th April 2011 18:50

Yetman drag frame
Firstly, I have been MIA for a coupla months, So hello, everyone!

Secondly (?), I have just acquired a Yetman drag racing frame from the late sixties/early seventies! It is really cool. It has VL/WL style rear lower leg section, and is Chromoly. I bought it from a guy who happened into my shop, and was looking to off some old parts. It struck me because it bears a good resemblance to my big twin chopper frame that I had specially built about ten years ago. In fact, it looks like a mini, Sportster version of it. I have a 1963 XLCH motor and a buncha parts to build it with, so I'm pretty jazzed!

If anyone knows anything about Yetman frames, I'd really like to hear what I can. I initially thought it was just a homemade rigid, but the I found this:

So I googled around and found out it's a Yetman for sure.

Pic are coming.

fdny37 24th April 2011 18:54

Glad to see that you're back online.

66xlch 24th April 2011 22:50

thanks, it's good to be back!

IronMick 24th April 2011 23:14

Welcome! back. Great project starting ...

66xlch 25th April 2011 01:50


My new (to me) frame

My Big Twin chopper:

mrmom9r 25th April 2011 22:13

that's a Yetman with some added moulding and a brake cross shaft added. They are not chromoly but are DOM mild steel tubing and are brazed together rather than heli-arc welded. They were THE frame for drag racing back in the day and I used one for many years. I am currently building repops of them and an updated version for vintage drags. I ran 9.30's @140mph with a Yetman and in spite of the fact that they were brazed together I never had a weld failure. The rear sections were very prone to twisting and metal fatique failures as HP and traction increased over the years. when they were designed the tires were only 4" and hard as a rock. Probably the best looking of all the early drag frames and an iconic piece of early speed equipment.

66xlch 26th April 2011 05:58

So it's DOM? I read about the brazing thing, and I think i will avoid welding on this frame ( both to preserve it, and to avoid melting any brazed joints) I think i'm going to build a little street bike out of it. I will probably mount pegs to the motor early ness style on the shifter, and plate the primary side.

I could tell the brake stuff was added. It has an anchor slot, as well as the crossover. It also has some fender mounting stuff added out back.

mrmom9r 27th April 2011 11:56

Ground clearance with a 26" tall rear tire is only 2 1/4".

66xlch 27th April 2011 15:24

I mocked it up with an 18" rear , and a 19" in the Marzocchi fork in the pics, and I''m getting around 3 1/2 or 4". That's still really low, but I have bikes for canyon riding, etc. This one will be rarely ridden, and will avoid twisties. Besides, my back wont tolerate much seat time on a rigid sportster anyway!!

mrmom9r 28th April 2011 14:16

Good luck, it will make a really neat project. They are great looking frames. You can see a picture of the new vintage style frames I am building at ebay item #170629659942 ( I'm an old fart and don't know how to do a link,lol)

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