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rick szymanski 10th June 2015 20:45

Just last night
First things first, this post isn't to offend anyone. It's not actually a complaint... more of an observation.

I went to grab a beer at a local establishment with outdoor seating. I happened to ride my bike and was seated close to it. Another fellow pulled up on a Sporty and parked along side. I said nice ride and a great temperature for riding.

Conversation kicked off from there. After a beer, he brought up military branches. Obviously, my tee shirt that said :Army' was a clear give away of the branch I served in
He made it readily known that he was a former Marine. I thanked him for his service.

I did not expect him to offer how glad he was to have not served in the Army and his loyalties will be the Marines until he dies.

Naturally, this beckoned me to respond and interact. We exchanged the most basic of verbal service records, where I learned the he served 4 honorable years. He droned on and on about his 'service,' most challenging bits being a tour in Cuba and apparently the Crucible left a lasting impression on him? I finished my last beer quickly, because honestly, you can only embellish basic training stories just so much.

He suggested that Marines earn their title while other branches, not so much. Anyone who knows me would tell you, comments like that will make me snap. I assured him that my 24 years definitely earned me the proud title of Soldier. Nothing shameful about it. Nothing second rate to any other branch. Comparing notes from our 'record exchange' I clearly achieved far more than he.

Loyalty? Hell yeah! I NEVER once had to question the loyalty of my troops. Nor myself for that matter. I'll be dammed if a dude served 4 years is more committed than one who served 24. I've got underwear that's seen more service than that and had tougher times as well. It's just silly...

I was getting up and ready to leave with a comment..
I said, 'I bet old Chesty would've been proud to have you in his command...'

You would've thought I slapped his mother. Lol!

I know there are more Marines here. Are all of the 4 year commitment guys like this?

WVDevil 10th June 2015 22:07

Not all of us Jarheads are assholes, not even the 4 year ones ;)

wedge 10th June 2015 22:28

4 years is our job in my opinion. The extra time you have put in should have earned some extra respect even from a nitwit like this clown.

This is why I don't like this new thing of thanking people for their service. I assume it's the duty of all Americans to do their part, and we all do what is asked. Some of us like myself were in safer places than others, but everyone's job impacts everyone else's.

Our group survival depends on those who came before, those that are with us, and those to follow.

So in my opinion, no thanks necessary ever for doing the job of every American, and no disrespect ever for those who have done their job.

I question those that don't do a damn thing except complain, but that's another issue.

Ireeman 10th June 2015 22:47

If he was young, i would understand it.

rick szymanski 10th June 2015 22:51

I hear ya. I completely get the branch pride...all branches have it. Over the last three deployments, had the opportunity to work with Marines and Air Force extensively. We're all pretty similar when we're together over there. When we come home, all of the sudden there's a vast difference. Kinda weird, if you ask me.

The fellow was doing his best to convince me that, today's Marines are equally as oorah and tough as nails as my dad's generation... that's not the case from what I experienced. The young Marines of today, complain about the menial tasks of the day, just like anyone else in any branch would. They love their video games and Facebook just like my teenage son. I've had many Soldiers that could go any path and chose the Army, as I did.

In all honesty, I'd have joined the Marines, when my best friend joined. They were stuck on 6 year obligations... Pretty long time for a first enlistment. The guy couldn't wrap his head around the fact that I would choose Army over Marines. I see neither being better than the other, based on the interaction I've had in person, working directly with them. The Army has cool looking dress uniforms now too..;)

Sleeper 10th June 2015 23:01

Can you imagine how that asshole is going to act after he buys his first Big Twin. :laugh

xllent01 10th June 2015 23:18

asshole 's still ride Sportster's...this is proof

Rick..Big Thank you for your commitment and years of dedicated service..

My bud Calvin, guy I went to school with was Ranger at Bragg, now his son is following in his foot steps, graduated basic several months back and just got promoted to Private First Class, certainly he's proud of his son cause he's third generation Army

ReddTigger 10th June 2015 23:28

Ok so... Rick...

Thanks for 24 years of your life...

Im a Navy vet. My dad was Army. Other family Marine and Air force. .

I've learned there are vast differences in the mental breakdown of service branches that gets ingrained...

I've learned that some of these differences are to help the service member in their chosen branches..

Marines are brainwashed...

Ive never met a single one that can accept any other reality other then the one from Paris Island. ..

Many of the younger generations consider it a challenge to not talk it up..

Being a very close proximity to the Pentagon you can imagine the cross section of military in the area. ..

My Father in laws neighborhood is comprised of former dea fbi secret service and lifer military guys.... kinda like a Dod retirement community. :p lots of bbqs and such...... lots of beers.. lol
Good conversation. ....

Marines are brainwashed. ..

CaptEvo 10th June 2015 23:37

As a former Marine he sounds like a class A tool. I usually keep those thoughts to myself. :)

rick szymanski 10th June 2015 23:48

I'm all for the inter-branch jesting... Hell, I'll instigate it from time to time. There are boundaries though.

Another thing that catches my attention, is how each generation claims to have had a harder training than the one after theirs. My dad talks mad sh!t about how easy my training was compared to his.

This last deployment, keep in mind at least 23 years separate my basic from theirs...I can honestly attest to the fact, that troops are having life a lot easier.

True story, I was at the Advanced NCO Academy, doing police call with other NCOs, cause that's what we do, and a young troop threw a water bottle on the ground... Right in front of me.

I jumped his boney ass and threatened to cram the bottle up there, when my foot comes out. Needless to say, his NCO came over to see what was happening. I promptly informed him that I was handling his troop. A couple hours later, I'm sitting in the Commandant's office, getting my ass chewed for interacting with trainees.

He informed me that today's military attracts college mined folks, and that's the environment that the school houses try to provide. The days of yelling and cursing are over... Who knew?

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