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joesporty 10th February 2010 03:26

Deals Gap 2010 June 28th + 29th
Its official the 2010 xlforum deals gap ride is going to be june 28th + 29th....everyone is welcome...bring your buddies even if they dont ride a sportster....myself and a few others will be staying at the iron horse campground...probably going to just pitch a tent....would like if everyone stayed at the same place...would be nice to hang out with all the members...

June 28th will be the main group ride...would like to have everybody who plans on riding to check in the night before so we can head out early trying to get a full days riding in...riding the ridge...cherohala....

June 29th will be pretty much the same...a full days riding...we can all decide what to do and where to go when the time comes....

June 29th is my buddies birthday...and June 30th is my a pretty large party will be in order...

I will be checking into the iron horse campground June 26th or 27th...and heading back home July 1st....

Also im sorry for the double post but the first deals gap 2010 thread was kinda confusing...alot of different plans....wanted to make a new thread with a nailed down plan...

mods can we replace the deals gap 2009 sticky with this thread???

joesporty 10th February 2010 03:28

here is the link to the campground...

deals gap....

tail of the dragon..

deals gap and the tail of the dragon....same road..different buisnesses

pcwolf 11th February 2010 04:28

Checking in to new thread.

Gone 12th February 2010 04:26

Hey Joe have you nailed down the route yet?

joesporty 12th February 2010 18:17


Originally Posted by Halcyon1 (Post 2438830)
Hey Joe have you nailed down the route yet?

Yeah im going from michigan to north carolina.....:banana

actually i plan on meeting you at lunkers...heading east on historic 12...excellent way to start the journey i might add...going right past the hd shop in sturgis michigan where we met sportserdude.248 for the first time..taking that until the front tires get wet...meeting sportsterdude his lady and bob on the east shore..then heading south into ohio...staying the night somewhere in ridinfools area...mid ohio...then heading for NC the next real plan as far as what roads we are taking right now.....figured we could all work it out once we get a little closer to launch...once everybody is on board for sure we can work things out decide where to meet the other members...

Also there has been some talk of possible ride thinking

2010 XLForum
{fire breathing dragon logo}
Deals Gap Run

maybe a 3 inch round a typical colored dragon..the the lettering in white...

maybe even some stickers to match...i know a good vinyl shop that makes our buisness cards and does the lettering on our vans...probably get a good deal on a few handfulls of stickers...

sportsterdude.248 12th February 2010 18:33


Originally Posted by Halcyon1 (Post 2438830)
Hey Joe have you nailed down the route yet?

Bud I'm bringing a map and my Captain Crunch compass.:D

bigjnsa 12th February 2010 18:54

Joe, I'm going to try and meet up with you in Michigan and ride down with you. That is if I can accomplish my route.

joesporty 12th February 2010 19:04

haha good one sportsterdude...ill make sure i bring my decoder ring so we can actually read the map....

here you go halcony...aka..nobud...we will be taking the big teal road in the middle of the map...

make sure you bring some fresh undies...your probably gonna crap yourself when i pass you on the outside ....sparks shooting off my pegs...with a marlboro hanging out of my it june yet...i wanna ride...

joesporty 12th February 2010 19:10


Originally Posted by bigjnsa (Post 2440168)
Joe, I'm going to try and meet up with you in Michigan and ride down with you. That is if I can accomplish my route.

i can put you up for a couple days if you want to relax before the dragon have alot of riding planned....the route down to nc will be split up into 2 around 400 mile days..pretty easy compared to the seat time youll be used to.....hoping to arrive in NC mid afternoon..that way we can unpack...relax...maybe sneak in a pre dragon run before the official ride the next morning...:shhhh

joesporty 12th February 2010 23:44

The patch and stickers????
came up with a basic patch design today.....what you guys this except a 3 or 3.5 inch the dragon red...the actual patch black...and the letters white...have the letters go around the dragon...just like the back of a dime...

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