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VaFish 2nd July 2018 17:22

Do the Gel Seat Pads work??
So do any forum members use a gel set pad on top of their Sportster seat? They seem kind of expensive are they worth the cost?

Reason I'm asking. My daughter is vertically challenged, rides a 1997 Sportster with the 13.5" shocks and adamantly refuses to let me lower her suspension because it would reduce cornering clearance and she hates dragging hard parts. I found a Corbin Gunfighter "reach" seat on Craigslist that drops her butt down a couple inches, is narrower, and slides her forward a bit. The Corbin seat makes it easier for her to maneuver in parking lots and gets both her feet on the ground. Downside is that it is hard and a pain in the butt for a long ride. Around town she loves it. More than 1/2 and hour in the saddle and she is complaining.

She wants to take a ride to visit some friends next week. About 3 hrs each way. I can put her old seat back on, which will give her comfort for the ride, but when she gets to her friends they have a gravel road, gravel drive, and gravel parking area. She is very concerned with the low speed maneuvers in the gravel.

I was thinking if the Gel seats work we could put one on, she rides down to friends place, stops on the paved road a few miles away, unhook gel pad and put it in her saddle bags and ride in on the lower seat.

jharback 2nd July 2018 17:25

I don't know about the gel seat pads but, the airhawks are excellent. They take a lot less air than you would think. Something like this:

DEEP DIVER 2nd July 2018 17:51

We had them on the bike for a few years and over long hauls there ok. On the BMW I used a old sheepskin rug and that was a lot better.

BKB 4th July 2018 04:01

Used a Butt Buffer gel pad for a couple years. Worked fairly well & only added about 3/4" to the height of the seat. For a 3 hour ride, it'll do fine & she can take it off when she gets there. Much longer than that & it started to feel like it was setting up like concrete. If she goes with a gel pad, tell her to be sure she DOES NOT leave it on the seat in the sun at a stop. Them things will give you the finest set of toasted buns ever! Don't ask. I use a Bead Rider now, on top of a modified Sundowner seat. Much cooler & surprisingly comfy (many 12 hour days) for a bunch of hardwood beads. I would recommend the Bead Rider for summer, but I still use the gel pad in the winter. Get it warm on the furnace vent before you get on the bike & you get the same toasted buns for about an hour, down to about 40*F.

mikeLI_77 4th July 2018 06:37

Mine helped when i used it but i was using the stock badlander seat back then which only had about an inch of padding on it. I made it from NY to Vegas before i put the gel pad on and was happy i did put it on. After a while you do need to sit up and rearrange yourself on it or it does feel like it is getting hard. I believe mine is the saddleman brand but i could be wrong as i bought it 9 years ago.

sportsterpaul 4th July 2018 16:45

I added the "SKWOOSH" tekpad before running to Decatur last month, it helped some,I was hoping some extra height would relieve some of my hip cramping, (sucks to get old), but my ole sheepskin worked just as well.

Murgatroy 11th July 2018 01:54

I have a Biltwell HB seat on my Sporty, it has nearly no padding, but man it looks good. Anymore more than an hour and I am done. I put a gel pad on it, and it didn't really help to be honest. I did go with a smaller pad to 'fit' the seat. If it stays on in the sun, it gets really slippery and wants to move around under you.

Antares1965 19th August 2018 12:48

I've got a Saddlemen gel pad and it helps somewhat. After about 2 hours I'm wanting more cushion or a nice long break.
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Ireeman 19th August 2018 14:25

Initially my LaPera gel seat felt good, but over time it got annoying.

jzink0883 19th August 2018 16:14

Seat comfort?

Bite the bullet, save up, and get a Mustang Solo seat (1-up), Wide Solo seat (1-up), or Wide Touring seat (2-up). :tour

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