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Chuckthebeatertruck 19th July 2021 17:58

Best Carb for an Ironhead?
Yes, the header is there to make you look . . .

A very rare and very interesting carburetor was placed into my grubby little hands at Wauseon.

This particular carb happened to be developed by some dude named Leo Payne who was working with some other cat named George Smith.

Would you believe this "crappy" carb set a world record at Bonneville?

Gee, when will S&S get its stuff together? I mean, this was only 50 years ago.

The article is from the March 1972 Cycle issue. Yep, that is THE carb in the photos and yes, every mod is present and untouched from the time of this article, right down to the bleeds.

Discuss amongst yourselves. It will be amusing to see how much bullshido comes out of the woodwork.

Keep in mind, I've had it in my hands and I've had it apart . . . :shhhh

And we know for a fact this carb set a record . . . so what is the best carb on an ironhead?

needspeed 19th July 2021 18:50

At that time , on that engine, and for that application, the best carb is the one you've got.

An interesting piece of history. Thanks for the pics.

GaryanOdinson 19th July 2021 19:04

So. Put it on Iron. And let’s. See. What it does.

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perfesser 19th July 2021 20:31

wonderful piece of history in your hand there. thanks for the view inside and close-ups of construction. that 0.090 jet is the equivalent of running a keihin 230 main on your 1200.

brucstoudt 19th July 2021 23:21

F for Fuel! as in nitro.thanks for sharing this piece of ironhead Bonneville history with us Chuck.

perfesser 19th July 2021 23:30

my understanding was the record run was on gas. a closer reading of the document provided does reference a fuel setup.

Ferrous Head 19th July 2021 23:38

Oh Good !

Guessing games. I love them.

I vote for a Stromberg 97. Those Hot Rod guys can't all be wrong.

Ferrous Head 19th July 2021 23:41

And I'm thinking the big record we all like was done with a 96" eninge. Maybe not your average Ironhead.

I don't have a fuel version but I do have an MGAL and a GBL.
And none of these Would be all that great on a stock Ironhead.

And I like any thread that has pictures of go faster parts.

Ferrous Head 19th July 2021 23:49

It's interesting to note that V-Twin are selling new replica bodies for the MGL for $300.

Not really that cheap considering you can sometimes pick up complete carbs for a hundred buckks more.

But once the Chinese replicas hit I'm guessing the price will drop to $30.

mikethebike61 20th July 2021 17:30


Originally Posted by Ferrous Head (Post 5906105)
Oh Good !

Guessing games. I love them.

I vote for a Stromberg 97. Those Hot Rod guys can't all be wrong.

You ever synched a set of those things on a flathead Ford?

Beautiful piece of equipment.....but I never want to touch another one!

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