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thefrenchowl 22nd July 2021 18:43

A few shots of THE man...


thefrenchowl 22nd July 2021 18:46

Some more...


brucstoudt 22nd July 2021 22:58


Originally Posted by mrmom9r (Post 5906527)

i'll see your single side bowl and raise you another! i was hoping this thread would flush out another picture of this.

Ferrous Head 23rd July 2021 00:44

I have a bunch of 100 main jets and I just use number drills to enlarge them. Numbers on the sides of my jets mean nothing.
I did try to buy some alcohol (big) jets a couple years ago but they just weren't available.

Patrick, you have me a little worried about that air stack. I'm hoping it's just something like Lois Armstrong's Trumpet cut to length, nothing important.

I do actually own something that belonged to Leo Payne. Unfortunately, nothing as significant as one of his go faster parts.

And to be truthful, it would be no good me having any of his stuff, I would just use it and destroy some of it's historical value.

Ferrous Head 23rd July 2021 01:05

I do hope I have time when I finally hang up my leathers to paint, polish and plate my race bikes.
While I am still racing changes get made, things altered.
So my thinking is don't spend time and money on the shiny bits until I've stopped racing.

On the other hand I may not be able to resist offers of big sums of money once others know I've quit.

The carbs have serial numbers on them but I seriously doubt racers record details like that. (I don't) And in any case, we all make changes and I could bet there will be more than one carb that Leo used.

Ferrous Head 23rd July 2021 02:07

A bit unfair to post the ones where he's standing around in his yellow underwear.

Years ago we all had to get into our leathers in an open paddock.

Uhhhm. Come to think of it, I still do.

The guy in the XLCH Tee, that's not Walt Cunningham is it ?

11B40 23rd July 2021 05:25

That's a younger Leo, Gene. The guy in the black leathers with yellow shorts is probably Larry Welch. They are looking in the trunk saying: " Are these the cases you were talking about?"

Ferrous Head 23rd July 2021 07:00

Nah, if you look at the previous photo you can see yellow underwear saying:

"Ok, the cops have gone back to their car. Gimme the money and take your stash."

iNSaNeSHaNe 23rd July 2021 07:02

The stash was in his yellow underwear nobody's gonna look there..

Ferrous Head 23rd July 2021 07:07

Now I know where that Mexican Brown came from !

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