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bplinson 7th January 2005 13:59

Vendor/Sponsor/Advertising Rules
Moved over from old forum.
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Since we are now getting some Supporting Vendors I thought it would be a good time to lay down some ground rules about advertising in the forum.

Basically if you are trying to sell a product do not use the forums as free advertising. Only Supporting Vendors are authorized to post about their products.

There area few reasons for this.

Running this website costs money and time and without the support of the vendors and the Premium Members the website could not exist.

This website in the first 20 days of July 2004 produced over 30GB of traffic and is still growing. We might soon get to a point where we will have to go to a dedicated server and the cost of running the website will increase dramatically.

Having Supporting Vendors will help pay for running the website as they pay a monthly fee to have a banner ad, a forum area, and to sponser a forum topic. It also helps to pay for other things like the patches, decals, contest prizes, etc... The money generated may also go to support various events like Sportster Specific Meets or to help out a Professional Sportster drag racing team.

The Supporting Vendors are also enthusiasts that offer products that you as a Sportster Enthusiast may need or want. They also feel that this website is important to the Sportster riding community and would like to see the website contiune to bring together Sportster riders from all over the world.

Therefore from this point forward I will ask all members not to advertise anything in the forum. This does not mean that you can not discuss products. If you use a product and are not trying to sell it or support a non-supporting vendor then feel free to discuss it. Also do not put links to commercial websites in your signature. I consider this advertising.

The classified section is still open ro rgeister members to sell parts as long as it is not a commercial venture.

If you are interested in having a banner advertisement and a forum topic for your business please PM me.

These rules may and probably will change with time.

bplinson 7th January 2005 14:00

The above post was written before we were on dedicated server.

Moved On 10th January 2005 02:59

Bert do you have a page with a list of the supporting vendors & links to them?


bplinson 12th February 2005 02:10

Just a quick reminder for everyone. Advertising your own business is not authorized on XLF unless you are a Supporting Vendor.

Our Supporting Vendors are:

Aswracing at NRHS V-twin Performance.

If anyone would like to become a supporting vendor please contact me directly.

Desertfox 12th February 2005 09:36

Thought you would catch that one. That is why I didn't give him a welcome. Thought it was very bad form.

willprevale 12th February 2005 14:19


Originally Posted by Desertfox
Thought you would catch that one. That is why I didn't give him a welcome. Thought it was very bad form.

I wasn't thinking :( Sorry 'bout that.

bplinson 16th February 2005 14:52

Bump again.

I want to remind everyone that advertising your business on XLF is a no-no unless you are supporting vendor. This includes links to commericial site in signatures. If you have a business related to Sportsters or motorcycles in genral you may post a link in the links section.

It costs time and money to keep this website going and we have three supporting vendors that are helping to pay those costs.

I ask that if you notice someone posting info or pushing their produtcs that are not supporting vendors to please click on the little yield sign and report the post.

Our current supporting vendors are:

Aswracing (Aaron) at NRHS V-twin Performance.

Our supporting vendors support you by supporting XLF.

Moonpie 16th February 2005 18:46

I am new here and have a question.
If after posting your link in the personal/services section, if someone is asking about a certain service/part, would it be out of line to post and direct them to your own site?

i.e. "Yea, I can help you with that. Look under services and go to"

or better to have them contact you off the board?

just trying to clarify so as not to step on any toe's!!


bplinson 16th February 2005 18:54

Great question.

If you see a person asking about a certain porduct or service and you can provide that product or service you may PM (Private Message) them with your info.

Please do not post your info in that thread or in the public forum.

Moonpie 16th February 2005 19:15

Cool! Understand and wilco.


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