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Trynot2die 21st May 2007 04:51

Amazing without the windshield.
When I bought my bike it already had a windshield on it. I rode it with the windshield for a good 3000 miles and just took it off a couple days ago. I have to say it has made riding 10x more exciting. I know there is all the extra wind noise and taking some bugs to the face, but I love how I can feel the speed so much more. Just was wondering what you all felt about em.

Gary7 21st May 2007 04:54

I'm the exact opposite. Putting a windshield on mine made riding 10x more enjoyable.

dbaker 21st May 2007 05:04

I have a quick detach, for around town, without it is ok. but out on the highway, much more enjoyable with it.

Ninjacpa 21st May 2007 05:10

Windshield?.........we donn need no steeeekin windshield.

Mech48 21st May 2007 05:17

I had a windshield on mine a few years ago, it made winter riding more enjoyable. Other than that i like mine without.

Kajun 21st May 2007 05:21

I took mine off a few weeks ago. I'm loving the the windblast effect. For some reason, it's not as bad as I used to think. I'm keeping the shield handy for winter and if I get tired of getting beat up again.

07sporty 21st May 2007 05:22


Originally Posted by Ninjacpa (Post 741946)
Windshield?.........we donn need no steeeekin windshield.

I'm with this guy all the way!!! I really dont like windshields on sporty's or most other bikes...untill i can talk to wife into buying a road glide, i will deal w/ the way my bike is on highway...i love the way it feels with no w/s...if it's really that long of a trip, i'll take the car or my truck!

Martyvz 21st May 2007 06:52

A windshield on a Road King or a Gold Wing looks alright, but on a sportster it looks, well......kind of fruity. Just my opinion.

1sthog 21st May 2007 06:56

A couple of really windy days made me think about a shield, then I realized I had a car for that. Love the wind in your face feel. Bring it on Mother Nature! Gimme whatcha got!:banana

rjg883c 21st May 2007 07:31

I took mine off last week to get air to the vents on my FF helmet. But it will be back on when temperatures go down. I normally don't care for the look of a windshield on a Sportster either, I didn't care for the look of the HD QD that was on my '05 883C. But I like the Memphis Shield El Paso on my '07 883L


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