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mus 4th April 2011 10:15

what do you think? regulator?
Hi guys!
Had some problems with a battery this weekend and at first I think I fixed it but I'm not sure anymore after measuring yesterday.

Last thursday evening my GF rode her Sporty back from Germany to our place in Holland, about 80km on a highway having no problems at all. It was stationed by a friend of ours who took care of it and rode it occasionally the last months. He had no starting problems and my GF also: no problems.

Last Saturday we went on a trip and at first had no problems (2 x stop/start) but after filling up at a gasstation, the battery seemed empty. Only the clicks of a dead battery!
Hmmm, strange because I replaced it in june 2010, but sure, it can happen. So I bought a new battery and charged it.

Yesterday I put the new battery in and measured 12,8V while connected.
It started at once without any problems.
When I measured it across the connectors on the battery again while it was running on stationary rpm (after heating up) it measured about 11,8V.
It wondered me and I didn't feel very sure about it. So I measured again while holding the gas to a lot higher rpm (not sure, no rpm clockthingdevicebutyouknowwhatImean) and voltage dropped to 10,2-10,7V!!!!!

Couldn't find it in the Clymer manual but to me it looks like it's not charging enough!

1) is this a normal voltage drop?
2) anyone who knows what voltage the charge must be?
3) it's getting 'charged' a little bit (apr 10,5V) so the charging circuit doesn't seem broken to me, can it be the regulator?
4) ?

Please help me out because we've got an important run to attend in 2 weeks from now (Egg-run) to a chridrenshospital.


mus 12th April 2011 21:23

Tested it today: it's the stator..........

NRHS Sales 12th April 2011 21:25

It almost always is ths stator. The regulators never seem to go bad. I recommend you get an Accell stator as they are much more reliable than the stock ones. I sell them for $110 if interested.

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